Dancing With The Stars

I’m not ashamed to say I’m one of the 17 million that watches “Dancing With The Stars.” I have to TiVo it because I can’t stand watching the backstage interviews with that sub-par interviewer who has three questions she asks in rotation. “How much have you loved being on the show?” Sarah Palin should have Samantha Harris interview her.

Now, I taped this bit last week and I have to correct one thing. I said Brooke Burns when I meant Brooke Burke. I know the difference, but mucked it up. Burke is doing great on the show and she is a very nice person. I also neglected to mention what a star “Dame” Cloris Leachman is. She really made an effort Monday night.

If Rocco’s out, it’s not a shocker: that blouse will have cooked his goose.

6 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars

  1. Re: No One Like Me

    I imagine you think you’re the funniest person you know right?
    I think I am too!! 🙂

    This narcissistic behavior of ours serves us well.

    Do you find when you’re around a group of moms and you can’t remember their names you secretly make up names based on what they look like or who they resemble?
    ME TOO!

    When you’re with a group of moms and the conversation gets stale because all they want to talk about is how great their kid is or what craft they’re making that they saw on Martha that week do you have secret conversations in your head to liven up the topic?
    ME TOO!

    When surrounded by a group of stuffy moms does the secret conversation in your head amuse you so much that you loudly and inappropriately and people look at you because they’re not in on the joke?
    ME TOO!

    Look, that mom circle is tricky. Sometimes I think i want to be included and then as soon as I’ve worked my way in to a group. . . BAM. . disappointment.

    I think sarcasm is a lost art and you have found it.
    I really enjoy your blogs and vlogs. If you ever schlep to the midwest, this Kansas mama would love to take you to a Starbucks where we could sit on the patio and laugh inappropriately. . . together.

    Have a lovely day!


  2. Dani,
    what a funny and creative note. thanks so much. I like the “can’t remember their names, make up names” thing. Im trying to get better at names.
    Thanks for finding me!

  3. I don’t think you have to be ashamed to be watching DWTS! I love that show and this season rocks! My vote is for Brooke or Warren even though he got shunned on Week 4!

  4. Seriously, tell me about this shirt you are wearing today? Love it, love it! This is no dated Viv prego shirt, it looks very current.

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