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My husband goes to the farmer’s market at least once a week, for his restaurant. This place is packed with chefs, foodies and hippies all converging to buy fresh produce and some junky jewelry. Mark gets irked when a mom pushing a double-wide stroller stops in the middle of the market to chat with a friend. “Uh, hello, can’t get around you.”

Lest you think he is unsympathetic to people with two small children, his two oldest are two years apart and he used to push a double stroller, but it was tandem.  Part of that time he was living in NYC and he said in NYC if he had been pushing a double-wide if he didn’t accidentally kill someone, someone would have killed him.

So, come on, aren’t they a bit ungainly?  Since Viv will be three-and-a-half when Junior is born, I might have escaped my need to get one of these wheelbarrows, but I’m not sure. She rarely goes into a stroller now – and usually only when I am desperate for exercise and I beg her to get in one so I can have some cardio activity. (‘Cause walking with a three-year-old burns about two calories.)

So this week, I want to know what you think about double-wide strollers:


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13 thoughts on “Cool Mom Poll: Double Strollers

  1. I really liked my Graco Duo Glider. (One kid in front and one in back.) But as my kids get older and I use the stroller less, I prefer a stroller that is easier to pop in and out of the car and quick and easy to fold and unfold in the airport. I ended up buying a side-by-side umbrella stroller for this reason. I hate going through doorways with it, it almost never fits on the first try. And I bought a cheapie so the wheels don’t turn so well with all that weight on top of them. Still, I like the ease and light weight of the side-by-side umbrella. I’d say if you’re going to buy one spring for good wheels and reclinable seats.

  2. the sit and stand looks sweet. I think my husband might pass out if I buy one more stroller, but oh well. I have a faded bugaboo. thinking of getting an attachment stand for that. which probably costs what the whole sit and stand does.

  3. i have 2 kids, 22 months apart. i researched and researched this topic. the overwhelming results of my hard work: most parents hate double strollers. they are heavy, hard to steer and kids don’t really like being in them. i bought one anyway – the graco model described above by angeline. and i found out for myself that they are heavy, hard to steer and kids HATE being in them.

    in all honestly, it was good for walks around the neighborhood and that was about it. forget trying to use it in a store! also, my kids beat the crap out of each other. first the older one was in front and the baby in the back in the infant seat. then the baby grew up a little and started pulling the older one’s hair and belting her in the back of the head. then i switched them. so now the older one was in the back. complaining about being in the back and belting the younger one in the back of the head. good times.

    i ended up with 2 cheap umbrella strollers that stayed in the back of my car/truck at all times! that worked for me. OH and the sit and stand? i tried that for a few months (borrowed from a friend)… the problem with that one – the “stander” can flee!

    good luck with whatever you do! keep us posted.

  4. I love the double wide for walks around the neighborhood but I always used the tandem for shopping ventures. Those doubles are soooo difficult in stores, not just for the people around you but just in simple navigating.

    Just looked above and realize that I’m posting basically the same thing as another Jen. Rock!

  5. At leat that you are “bless…” whith twins is morally wrong have a double stroller. There just big, chunkie, mini spacehips. I like the sit and stands ther e cool. For deal whith your husban just tell him that you will sell in ebay the ones that you already have. Of course the will stay in the garage forever but he dont know that.

  6. I opted for another single MacClaren (not that my old one was too shabby) and an ergo carrier. I put that baby in the stroller, but now that my toddler sees a baby in the stroller he has a renewed interest in being pushed, of course. So then when he wants to ride, I put the baby in the ergo on my back and push the toddler. Talk about burning calories- carrying a 22 lb baby while pushing a 35 lb toddler! It is actually pretty easy though. I did not think after having my c-section I’d ever be able to manage but it has worked out well.

  7. I have a side by side double and a sit n stand. I love and hate both of them :0)

    The side by side is great for the zoo, the park, the boardwalk or the aquarium, etc, but not the mall or farmers market.

    The sit n stand is great for shopping, but if one of the kids want to sleep it sucks!

    My kids are 20 months apart and we have to have a double stroller. The tandem ones were too big to fit in my car!

    Ahh, the joys of stroller shopping!

  8. I am super surprised no one mentioned phil & teds strollers. They’re amazing. I had wanted one for a while and managed to get my hands on the sport version (in apple green!) when my 3rd was born. I guess you would consider it a tandem, but both seats are comfortable, and the “doubles” seat can be placed at the front or the back depending on whether you have a baby and a toddler or two toddlers. It’s pretty narrow and easy to push, so there’s no trouble getting it around places, plus they have tons of neat accessories.

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