Madonna Arms

I know it’s tawdry, but I do a have a passing interest in this Madonna divorce. What really caught my eye was a piece that said her super fitness was getting in the way of the marriage. I’ve long said I’ve wanted “Madonna arms” (Note the place they are in now: not saggy, but not Queen of Pop).

Daphne Brogdon flexing

She is 50 and has defied gravity and womanhood to prevent the arm flaps that start to appear in the late 30s (earlier if there is a weight issue). Well, now the truth the comes out: she gets perfect arms ’cause she works out FOUR HOURS A DAY. And she banned sugar and dairy from her home.  

Now, if I was performing in a corset in front of millions, I’d probably do the same thing, but having part of my body on basic cable doesn’t quite warrant such drastic measures. If I consistently worked out an hour a day and put half and half in my coffee, I think I’d be happy with the results.

But the ol’ “don’t envy people” is easy to find here. I do envy her arms, but her hubby allegedly saying the workouts got in the way of their life together is a big bummer. Or that he wanted to cuddle with more flesh.

9 thoughts on “Madonna Arms

  1. Your arms are fine, Daphne. 🙂 Very cute pregnant mama.

    As for Madonna, sorry but IMHO she is one scary lady. And I use ‘lady’ loosely. Yikes she is a fright to look at. Have to be honest again and point out that being severely thin for a long period of time is not a good thing for the looks, ladies. When you see her w/o makeup … I think she looks older than she actually is. Another example would be Celine Dion … again, IMO, she looks much older than 41 (or whatever) if you see her w/o being all put together.

    I truthfully know no men who like their women that skinny and muscley and veiny (my words). In good shape – sure, thin – sure, petite even – sure … but not ultra boney and masculine.


  2. Madonna’s looking rough, it’s true, after years of being a body hero. And, she seems so unhappy all the time! Maybe the two are connected, and she has body issues just like the rest of us.

    Ya know who looks amazing? KELLY RIPA! I don’t even watch the morning tv but it is on when I straggle to the gym, and she just looks fantastic. And she has three kids! I’m completely impressed.

    Hi Daph!

  3. IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

    I agree that Kelly Rippa is too cute … but I think she’s a little over skinny and tan too (just a tad!). 😉

  4. thanks for that lou. yes, she probably is a tad tan, but sweet little bod. glad she doesn’t say “i eat burritos” and never break a sweat. hate when they lie!

  5. We look and Madonna and think her arms look unatural or sick!!!!
    These celebrities look after themselves and have healthy lifestyles and we should be giving them a standing novation.
    We should just do the best we can and start eating alot better, then we would look at others in a more postive manner!!!
    Ana from Ontario, Canada
    Mother of 2 healthy boys!!!

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