Pregnant Sex Dreams

In my continuing quest to be honest and point out the upsides of pregnancy, in this video I talk about the passionate dreams. Oh, don’t tell I’m the only one who has felt her hormones surge during gestation. Before you’re so huge that you can’t roll out of bed for your 16th pee of the night comes another nice nighttime companion.

4 thoughts on “Pregnant Sex Dreams

  1. when i was pregnant w/ my first daughter, i had a hot romance dream about Vanilla Ice. this was WAY after he was ice ice baby, etc. not exactly harrison ford…certainly no sidney portier… i woke up embarrassed and kind of disgusted, but the dream was sexy, romantic — and actually effected me. i found myself pausing on VH1 now and then just to see if his Behind the Music was coming on. got a tiny secret rush when his one-hit-wonder came on the radio.

    YEARS later, walking through an airport in houston i looked next to me on the people mover thing and guess who: yep–ice ice baby. i swear i blushed.

    love the vlog.
    julie in texas

  2. Thanks Julie! I honestly thought more women would concur with this experience.
    That’s the funny thing that such random people can pop up in your head and you do feel embarrased like you had a drunken make out at a party.

  3. maybe because I’ve been pregnant before, but at 31 weeks I feel positively sleek! I think it’s mind over matter a lot of the time. When I was carrying Viv I barely worked, there were few pressing concerns in my life other than my pilates! oh, the days. Now, I work, have a fragile father, a kid and an investment that has been such a turkey I might as well have burned the last two years of pay checks. So, I don’t have time to think that much about my big gut.

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