The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My sister-in-law, Leslie, is staying with us for about a week and a half.  She’s a great house guest: She works during the day and is good company at night, if you want it. If you want to be solo, that’s good for her, too.  

Vivien loves her.  Leslie speaks kid and when she arrived she gave her what I thought was a great gift. Some kind of rice krispy-like, sparkly play dough. I threw away the box, so I don’t know what it is called, but it came in blocks of color and I thought, “Hey, this will be fun!”

Well, now look at the multi-colored mess above. Last night, as little balls rained down on my couch, ottoman, and carpet, Leslie said, “I think I’m going to be making up to you for a long time for this gift.”

Fortunately, Viv’s interest is starting to wane, so I’m slowly smuggling the bigger chunks out of the house. The smaller chunks will be here longer.

5 thoughts on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. I’ve never seen that stuff … my 4 year old loves Moon Sand … what a mess.

    I swear I’m not a stalker … I just like to peruse the Mommy Blogs when work is slow.

    Daphne – what is the name/brand of the violet-ish polish you had on your hands in the sex dreams clip? That rocks! OPI?

  2. How did you know? I did a shoot at the OPI factory that will air on the Fashion Team on TV guide this sunday. They were great and gave me a bunch of cool colors. sunday at 7.

    It’s called play foam or something like that. I threw it out so she wouldn’t ask for it.

  3. That’s Floam and it sucks. It’s great to give to kids whom have parents you want to torture! If she ever brings in something called Moon Sand, don’t even open it. It’s a disaster. We opened one container of it and I immediately regretted it. Container says it sticks together, well, it sure does and sticks into the rug too….

  4. I consider play doh,moon sand and floam outside toys! We use clay in the house during the winter and it doesnt make AS much mess.

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