Don’t Talk to Me, We’re Married

This video was one of those moments where I realized how I have changed over the years. Other than crows’ feet and various colors in my hair, I think, “Hey, I’m the same gal, right?” Nah. Now, I can keep a bit more to myself and I need a lot less validation. Which is good for anyone. But it’s especially good for my husband.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to Me, We’re Married

  1. Awesome! Love the comment about imagining the response you want and being satisfied by that. I definitely need to remember that next time I’m waiting …. and staring… and waiting for at least a grunt.

  2. If I can carry on a conversation with him about the Cowboys, then, he can listen to me about the ridiculous thing my sister said on her blog. Give and take.

  3. Wow….at least I know I am not alone! I really thought I was the only one who didn’t get much of a response out of my husband.

    Who knew?!?

  4. Oh, Daphne. This post popped up in the side bar and I happened to watch it (again). I’m pretty sure I saw it the first time. But the last line? It was perfect and I shall give it a try. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Ahh yes… The deep conversations.. PFFFT! Unless they involve the kids or finances they are rare and few in between. Unless we both get a few drinks in us (like when we go camping) and then he is the guru of DEEP…. Something about a few beer and a fire pit for my hubby..

    So I have girlfriends and a journal 😉

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