Dressing Like a Slob

In this video, I’m just hanging out in the storage room at a MyGym, vlogging with the gals. And wishing I took my own fashion advice more often! Ironic, considering I write jokes for Star Magazine every week for “Worst of the Week.” This was one of my own worst of the week.

I did make an effort today and put on makeup. Of course, by lunch it was already filthy, but I tried!

One thought on “Dressing Like a Slob

  1. *lol* OMG did your vid hit home! I recently quit working to be a SAHM and online student. I throw on my work out sweats and tee to run my daughter to the bus stop with the intention of dressing later. Doesn’t happen. It’s right up there with I’ll shave my legs tomorrow… a month later it finally gets done.

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