Pee Plus Time Equals Comedy

As I was working on an essay about using humor in your home for Parent & Child magazine today, I had one of my suggestions tested. Today I was the filling of the sandwich… as in, the sandwich generation. Vivien is being toilet-trained, and since it was my dad’s 80th birthday, he spent the night at my house. We had a great party for him the night before, but I didn’t want him to wake up in assisted living, away from kin.

Funny Face-1
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Well, just because I’m on TV doesn’t mean I don’t spend my mornings cleaning up the urine of my many loved ones from the carpet or couch. I wrote in my essay that moms don’t have time to turn the tragedy into comedy. You have to go right to the comedy. As I scrubbed my hallway carpet – the most expensive carpet I have ever bought – I initially found this hard to do. Then I had my half-cup of coffee and the old funny bone started firing up. Also, I got some perspective, thinking of people in their own real tragedies. So what’s a little pee between loved ones?

2 thoughts on “Pee Plus Time Equals Comedy

  1. The other day I remembered a time when my 4 year-old (now nine) was throwing a FIT about not wanting to take a nap! I tried being sweet, I tried reasoning, then I got ugly! I threatened now sweets, not TV…then, I remembered my own trick. I gave her 3 sheets of computer paper and a ball point pen and asked her to draw hwo she was feeling. 5 minutes later she peeked her head out and asked me to come to her art show. The first pic was a little girl with lots of jagged lines, the second a more peaceful girl, and the third a dog. She was so proud and then she asked me, “Mommy, can I take a rest before I draw more?” I almost lost it! “Sure, honey.” The drawing got her into her right brain and she did not even remember the fit! It works for adults too–so next time you are on the verge of losing it, start doodling!

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