Cool Mom Poll: The Election is Going to End?

What? How can this be happening? I started watching the debates in April 2007. That means I’ve been following the election for a year and a half. Which makes it one of my longest relationships ever! Gosh, the old days. Back when there were like nine Democrats running, including that crusty liberal from Alaska. (I blogged about it on my other website.)

Cool Mom Election 2008

I cottoned to Hillary, worked for her in Texas. Resigned myself to her defeat, told Hillary people who were pissed we needed to move on and support Obama – some told me to shove it. I had my healing during the convention and just when I emotionally could have added an Obama sticker to my car next to my anti-Bush one, I realized, “What’s the point? He’s already going to win California.”

Through Sarah Palin and Rev. Wright and all the twists and turns, I have been there. Now people say, “I want it to be over, enough already.” Really, what do you have that’s filling your life up? Does your reality not depend on cable news and the newspapers and, ’cause I think mine does.  

So for the poll today, as we bid farewell to SNL having any funny moments and campaign surrogates wipe off their pancake makeup, let’s make our predictions. Now this isn’t what you WANT to happen, but rather what you think will happen (since I know this site leans towards Obama supporters). So what do you think will happen on election day?






And please tell me what you are going to follow on November 5th. Oh, I know: the building of the transition team!

3 thoughts on “Cool Mom Poll: The Election is Going to End?

  1. I’ll be following the first of many exposes on what went wrong inside the GOP and how Palin sabotaged the GOPs chances of stealing the election. . . or how Palin was really just a GOP plant to cause McCain to lose so that they could dump this big mess they created (do McCain voters really not get the cause and effect between the current republican administration and the abysmal state of the country? really??) on someone else and sweep back into power in 2012 when everything’s gone to hell in a handbasket.

  2. Hurray! I am so glad the 4th option is the reality! Here’s to the recovery of our country. Here’s to a CHANCE for our children. Here’s to Hope and Change and a Future we can believe in!

    And, Lisa, really? Really? Really?!?

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