On Momversation: Online Friends Vs. Real Friends

Here the blogger moms of Momversation discuss the new-world problem of real-life friends versus online friends. Do they have the same weight? Or is one more helpful than the other? How is it for you? Let me know here, or comment on the Momversation site.

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3 thoughts on “On Momversation: Online Friends Vs. Real Friends

  1. Why are you in the bathroom Daphne? LOL!

    I’m suspecting you had to “get away”

    I absolutely love momverstations and your website coolmom.com

    Sorry, I ‘m not a mom, sometimes wish I was, most of the time, NOT.

    I will just enjoy other people’s kids…

    Keep up the real good video work!

    Lisa Smith
    Acworth, GA

  2. think it’s amazing you like the site without a kid. that’s great. love my non mom friends. I ‘m in the bathroom for 1″ good natural light and 2) if Vivien is sleeping I don’t want to wake her. Oh and I’m pregnant and pee all the time. natch

  3. I’m finding online communities a BIG help in the final stages of my first pregancy. Not many of my friends are mummys yet so its great to get advice from online forums blogs and stuff. Especially the more embaressing questions! You can ask them with such ease online!!

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