Cool Mom Poll Results: You Know Your Country!

I asked on Monday what you thought would happen on Tuesday, not what you wanted to happen in the election. Fifteen percent thought there might be a McCain upset by a hair, but 84% thought Obama would win, and by which margin was split evenly.

Obama poll results Cool Mom

It’s funny that even though I thought Obama would win, when he did, I was – like so many others – quite emotional. And I was not in the tank for him for most of this. He won by more than I guessed.

Even though “my guy” won, I have such sympathy for those that lost: McCain and Palin. Especially McCain, since he has been at it for so long and this was his LAST chance. When my dad lost his local elections, my whole family felt like we had been kicked in the gut.

We forget how vulnerable politicians make themselves.  It’s one long audition. You keep asking people to like you, believe in you, be inspired by you, trust you! And then when they don’t, it’s a slap. It must be especially hard when you get 50 million votes and still lose. Kerry and especially Gore had this. Now it’s the other team’s turn, but I don’t relish it. One day, surrounded by Secret Service and screaming crowds. Yesterday McCain climbed in his car and drove himself home, no entourage.

And enough with the Palin bashing. She’s back home. If anyone should be ridiculed or blamed for the GOP loss, that should go to Bush. I still think that there is a viciousness that people – and especially women – unleash on other women that they don’t on men. I didn’t vote for her, but it was good to see a woman on a major ticket. And you know, I like the husband: Todd didn’t seem to have any ‘tude about being the guy behind the throne, and I like that in a guy.  I can imagine why many would be brooding or sulking.

Anyway, we are free at last, free at last, from the longest election cycle ever… or so it seems.

4 thoughts on “Cool Mom Poll Results: You Know Your Country!

  1. As always, enjoy the blogs — but I have to disagree about Palin (and the idea that women unload on women disproproportionately). The woman is an uninformed, power-hungry, mean-spirited (watch her RNC speech again sometime), manipulative, spectacularly unqualified for public office, hubristic, POW (piece of work). As a woman, I feel especially protective of the image women project, on a national level, and think she represented a dangerous threat to women and their individual rights. In contrast, I have almost never had much negative to say about Hilary — because good bad or otherwise, all possible faults in evidence, she is an intelligent woman of substance. Palin is a joke by comparison, and on a standalone basis. If she didn’t want the scrutiny, perhaps she should have stayed in Wasilla.

    Sorry to get bitter on you, but I utterly resent her nomination — and the GOP party’s cynicism in doing so. More than anything, Obama’s election represents their failure on that front and means the most to me, I think, for demonstrating that the American people are not as stupid as the GOP thought.

  2. But, don’t you think it’s harsh that McCain’s people are unloading on her on a variety of petty stuff. As if she is the reason for their undoing…she was with the campaign for 6 weeks. Bush had 8 years and McCain had a few of his own.

    I think the the clothes scandal was really stupid. if there is a bailout for banks, why not Neiman Marcus?

  3. I agree with both of you–with Lisa because Palin was so very much not qualified to be the Vice President of the United States of America. She knew less about current events, geography and the democratic process than I do, and I don’t know that much. I also agree with Daphne though because I think that blaming the Republicans’ failure on her is going too far. There are a lot of things wrong with that party, and how they handled things over the past 8 years which is why I think Obama won by such a large margin. Palin didn’t help things for them, but she surely was not the only cause of their downfall.

  4. I do think, though, that she embodies what the GOP looks for in a nomine, which is style over substance. And that has been my major problem with that party…….I thought that about Reagan as well, but the GOP remembers him as one of the greats and will spontaneously orgasm at the mere mention of his name. My memory of that era was high inflation, and housing out of reach for the average family. Plus there was a major study that just came out (forget from where) that more Americans prosper under a Democratic president……heres hoping that holds true now!!!!

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