Transition Haircut

Okay, I had another haircut. I’m letting it grow out, so I had my friend Theodore Leaf cut into my thick mane. Whaddaya think?

transition haircut

Today I like it… hope I still do tomorrow! He said I need to “keep on this program,” or it won’t grow, meaning I shouldn’t run around town, getting different cuts from different people. I am lazy, so that’s not likely to happen.

I feel like I aged myself a bit by having too-short hair. This hair is the best I can do for a youthful look until I’m done nursing and can get back to the Botox!

8 thoughts on “Transition Haircut

  1. Looks good- more surfer-chic now. I am 38, a mom of two little ones, and searching for a new do. My hair is thick and I find too many layers around the face say Mini Van not Mini Coop. I use the Rosanne Barr theory, RBT for short- I try to imagine a hairstyle that would flatter her, then maybe it would do something for me! No use looking at Jennifer Anniston for inspiration, remember, even a shaved head looked good on Demi Moore.
    RBT, it works for me!

  2. I stumbled across your site via a forward from a friend in Boulder.
    I have to say the whole haircut, re-difine your style, find creative ways to disguise that smear of peanut butter a full time hassle.
    I have a love hate relationship with my hair, much like my relationship with food. I love to eat, and don’t get me wrong I do not have control issues….with food anyway : ) I find my self standing in the kitchen saying “gawd is it time to eat again??” aggh sometimes I wish I was one of those yogis that could live on yogi matter in the air.
    So anyway, I get the same feeling in the bathroom faced with another day of dealing with my hair…”gawd I really need to DO something with it” I have had long long and short short hair too. I did the Hamill and the mullet or as they called in the salon, the “bi level”, whatever it was fugly, 80’s spiral perm and big mall hair bangs…and had to laugh at your long to short evolution.
    We go short to look younger to counter the crows feet right?
    There are not many youngins out there with Dallas TV hair last time I was passing the Jr high at the end of the school day.
    Why does it look so friggin’ cute in the mags… short surfer girl-esk, sassy and sex pot styles some how turns suburban mom on the way home… with leaves me wondering if it is not a matter of my OCD manifesting in the spirt of my hair….We strive to be free “yeah whatever” “water off the back” types but, when we realize there is no control in that equation, we take it out on our hair style. ie big round brush and a hair dryer…product, product, product!!
    Bangs drive me mad, genetic cowlicks, not pretty. Long is beautiful but all over the place destined for a ponytail, binding up its potential like sticking a childs nose in the corner. You can not behave so I will just not look at you…
    Why do we think short is easier??? It is the great fallicy of hair-dome. Unless you are going navy seal GI Jane and using the dog clippers on your head weekly, short hair is a major pain in my ass. Yeah, granted when I have had a few shots of Patron and can rock the care free don’t give a hoot attitude it looks great, or maybe I just think it does…Patron shots before ‘drop off’ not so popular with the other mommies, they are sooo PC, geez: )
    Anyway that is my rant…I am thinking wigs as a solution,
    Maybe a purple metallic mullet, uuhum “Bi-Level”
    To go with all of the skinney jeans and off the shoulder flash dance shirts with big belts that are all the rage..WTF is up with that?

  3. I think if you lived through the ’80’s its hard to revisit those styles. I don’t want to listen to Kenny Loggins again either.
    I have fiberglass hair, so if the short do is styled right I can do nothing for a few days and voila I have a style. But, long is it’s own style.
    I know, far too much time on the whole thing, but gosh as Helen Gurley Brown once said, “nothing ever goes right on a day you don’t like the way your looks.”

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