Maternity Clothes Are a Racket!

Well, maybe they’re not entirely a racket, but I have had a revelation about maternity clothes during this pregnancy. Often NON-maternity clothes can work better than maternity clothes.

Cute black pregnancy dress -

The crack wardobe department at TV Guide channel brought this home at my fittitng. (A fitting is when I try on a bunch of outfits to see if they will work for the next month of shows.) Check out the cute black dresses (one above and one below). NOT maternity.  

cute black dress for pregnancy -

Almost all of the clothes I have worn on the show are not maternity wear, and they are adorable. Who’d a thunk? The clothes they put me in either have an empire waist or a stretchy jersey that leaves room. Lauren Francis (in pic behind me) and Amanda Jones have done the hard part, going to Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Target to find things and I only need to try them all on. But I’m telling  you, the prego dresses were shaped like potato sacks and they often cost more than the regular clothes.

I have a pair of maternity jeans and a maternity jean skirt that have such a constricting waistband, I lose my breath when I put them on. I never feel like that with the NON-maternity clothes.

good maternity pants -

I do have these Pea in the Pod slacks I bought for this pregnancy (above). They are comfortable and good for work. I think the chief reason I like this waistband is not because it grows as I do, but because I pee so much, it’s easier just to pull down my trousers as opposed to unsnapping and unzipping each time. Jeez, I’ll be back in the loo by the time I get zipped up again.

7 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes Are a Racket!

  1. you look faboo! I found I rocked “regular” clothes much better then maternity. I felt very sassy during my pregnancy so I flaunted clothes I normally probably would shy away from. I agree about the pants: I bought 3 pairs of good maternity pants during my pregnancy and will probably use them again next time.

    who makes that top dress it is too, too cute.

  2. I TOTALLY agree! I’m as far along as you are and I have yet to find a pair of maternity pants I like, and this is my third pregnancy! I finally bought a bunch of cute maternity shirts that are long and I wear my regular jeans with the zipper up but the button undone and a belt of course. It’s working so far. If I can find some maternity pants that are actually long enough for me they’re usually hideous or $200. It’s ridiculous.

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  4. Maternity clothes are certainly a license to print money! I did find wearing non-maternity clothes helped to reduce the cost of dressing nicely. However, I did find a good pair of maternity jeans (carefully chosen with stretchy waistband) to be an invaluable purchase!

  5. I think this is some really great advice! The amount of products available on the market for your new arrival is overwhelming,so doing your research is all important. Some things you just can’t scrimp on and buying a quality cot/cot bed is a must, we also spent good money on a car seat / travel system. Love the site, keep up the good work!

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