Charity to Charity

How many times have you gotten a request from a friend to support them in a run/walk/swim/trip to a developing nation? I just gave some money to one request as I periodically do, but I’d love to blow most of them off.  Oh, wait, that’s right, I do. 

Lincoln's Racing Santas
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Number one, there’s so many of them.

Number two, it takes a certain amount – sometimes quite bit – of the money raised to actually finance the triathlon or what have you. If the person wants to raise money for a cause, I would be more apt to give if it was, “Hey, I decided this year I want to raise money for (fill in the blank disease or cause). I’ve kicked in a grand, would you please give what you can?” I think too often, while part of their heart is in the right place, part of it also wants to see if they can do a 10k. I don’t ask anyone to pay for my training. If I had any.

My feeling on this is also colored because years ago, a boyfriend was going on an AIDS ride in Alaska. He loved to work out, so he liked the physical challenge. He had to raise about $3,600, at least half of which paid for the ride. It was a drag while he was raising it, and he would be gone for two weeks. I didn’t want him to go. I said, “Raise a grand, give it to AIDS, and stay at home.” He went anyway and came home talking about what an “incredible experience it was.” I couldn’t share his enthusiasm, much as I guess Jennifer Aniston didn’t share Brad Pitt’s excitement for his film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Weeks later, he finally confessed what I had an inkling of: he’d had oral sex with a female masseuse from New York in a tent in Alaska. What charitable people!

5 thoughts on “Charity to Charity

  1. They were in Alaska, her hands were too cold! *lol* Sorry couldn’t resist… I’m not a fan of sponsoring charity events. I especially dislike it when they use kids to raise money. At my girls’ school they have “Jump for Heart” and “Relay for Life”. Then I have a whiney child who’s mad at me because I won’t sponsor her $100 so she can receive a cheap and crappy plastic toy.

  2. Oh, don’t get me started on the raising $100 for the “cheap and crappy plastic toy.” Every time that comes up, I’m this close to just going out and spending $4 for the toy and skipping the whole fundraiser.

  3. Thank you all for supporting me! I thought I would come across as a Scrooge , but had to speak my mind!
    ugh, fundraisers that’s another blog. love it when it’s for a for profit institution.

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