Older Dads

Here’s a Cool Mom video guest-starring my husband, Mark Peel! I wanted to get his take on having children who range in age from 25 to six-and-a-half-months in utero. Or as I like to say, Mark is single-handedly trying to shore up Social Security. I wonder if it’s ’cause he was raised a Mormon…

8 thoughts on “Older Dads

  1. Hi,
    Mark is adorable and does not look like an older dad! Those younger dads have nothing on him. John (my husband) is 47 looks young too and we still want another baby too! Age is a frame of mind–I hope.

  2. You fooled us all this time!!

    Mark is really the funny and adorable one (and handsome and he can cook!!!!).

    He doesn’t look old at all, he’s just a classic (just like Clooney).

  3. ah, thanks for the nice shout outs for my sweetheart. I’m going to show them to him. I think he has a Daniel Craigness about him myself.
    We were joking the other day to each other what we could say to our kids about having older parents, “okay, the good news is college is paid for, the bad news is we’re crossing our fingers on being there at graduation.”.

    joke universe! ( my metaphysical side)

  4. You two are so darn CUTE together!! What is it with these Mormon/ex-Mormon guys–they are all so handsome (I have eight Mormon cousins-by-marriage, I should know). It’s fun being an older parent–I get the whole, “Oh, your grandson is so adorable” stuff all the time. It doesn’t bother me (okay, mainly because I was totally surprised to even get prego at such an age!). It’s nice to sort of have your child and grandchild rolled into one. My husband jokes that we’d better enjoy it now, ’cause we may not live to see our own grandkids!

  5. Mormon?

    Daph, he is hot. And yes if he is ex Momo it makes sense. the momo boys are all hot. Especially when they leave the church and are all cute and angry about it. I dated one of those…

  6. I’m just going through clicking links on your sidebar, and I came across this vlog which I’d never seen before! Ok, so I know I just commented on your sad and sensitive Madoff post, but Daph… Your husband is tres handsome! I was thinking kind of Daniel Craig/Liam Neeson.
    (Um, I’m also 20 so…he’s actually older than my dad :P)

  7. HA! I’m going to tell him you said this Sadie. Thanks. I always think he looks like Daniel Craig… a tad older with a lot less working out. 🙂 So glad a 20 year old reads me!

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