On Momversation: What’s Up With Celebrity Kids?

This is not an advice-question for the Momversation team of mom-bloggers. But it’s one that I have often asked myself and friends: When did celebrity kids become such a big deal? And isn’t kind of weird? What’s the source?  Do people really want to know that much about small people who’ve done nothing to earn their fame? Are they not the Joe the Plumber of the tabloids? I found one article that says celebrity obsession is harmful to kids. But no study yet on what a fixation on Shiloh and Suri does.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “On Momversation: What’s Up With Celebrity Kids?

  1. I really think some common sense needs to come into play here. I don’t care how famous of a star someone is, they need a private down time life, especially their children. As a mom I wouldn’t want to walk out of my front door and have to shield my child from a mob of photo hungry paparazzi. Why do we feel that just because someone is a “celebrity” they owe us every inch of their being? Now don’t get me wrong, if Christian Bale takes his shirt off in any movie and I’ll gladly watch. What he does in his real life is none of my business.

  2. I don’t know what it means. . . but for what it’s worth, here’s my observation:

    I think it’s a logical progression from the degree to which we’ve become competitively obsessed with our children — kids used to be a) taken for granted; and b) used to pull the plough. Now, for many, they are accessories. Cutely dressed, with every possible opportunity and achievement within reach, as parents we focus on how WE are doing in terms of how we are caring for THEM. Did I teach her to sign? Will i enroll her in Mandarin language classes to give her a fighting chance in a post-modern world? Am I good enough?? And just as I cannot stop watching the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan’s life (both because she used to seem like she had potential to be a good actress, and because she seems so ill-supervised I almost want to adopt her), many tune into celeb pregnancies AND kids because to “see how I’m doing.” Am I dressing my daughter worse than Suri? (yes). Am I taking my child to the playground as much as Gwen Stefani? (No). Did my body snap back to gorgeousness as quickly as Halle Berre’s? (No). Am I giving my daughter the same creative diet as Jessica Seinfeld gives her children? (No). Now, you could argue it’s somewhat sadistic to keep tuning in to find that you suck as a parent — but the good news is that Sharon Stone exists to remind us that we ROCK.

  3. very funny Lisa with lots of truth. it’s like Alice at Finslippy said ( actually not sure if it was in the final cut) the fetishization of childhood.
    Just had a thought though maybe if I cut my kids hair as short as Suri her tangles would be less of an issue…hmmm
    And we never know what their life is really like until they grow up and write the tell all.

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