Art I Will Keep

I’ve griped about the mountains of artwork the kidlets bring home. Am I heartless for not wanting it all? I am saving a few things, or I’ll save things for a few weeks and then rotate them out.

Obama plate - preschool art project -

But this Obama plate she made at school recently is going in the archives. Think how excited I would be if my mom pulled out a McGovern plate I had made back in the day. And he didn’t even win!

This also cracks me up because it shows what a liberal bastion her preschool is. No parent complained.

5 thoughts on “Art I Will Keep

  1. I scan my daughter’s school papers and store them in a portable hard drive. While most of her art is 2-dimensional, some things do not scan well, and I sure that is the case with the Obama paper plate, so I either make a little extra space for it or a picture does the job. This strategy has turned the mountain into a small basket in the home office. Now it is much more manageable.

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