My Kid’s Nap Is Exhausting Me

Maybe I’ve blown it. I lie down with my daughter for her naps and bedtime; I have to be out of the house for her to allow anyone else to do it. And even then, with babysitter, dad, aunt, grandma… it can be a struggle. I don’t mind doing it most of the time. I am ready to sack out at any given moment, so often it’s fine with me. But lately, I had three days running where she was not going to sleep.  

So I become mommie dearest. If I really can’t get her to nap, then she has to stay in her room for the “nap time” and I go to my room and either sleep – rare – or watch MSNBC.

15 thoughts on “My Kid’s Nap Is Exhausting Me

  1. Well, I gotta tell ya. Frannie slept from 1:30-4:30 (really!) every day and then back down for the night by 8pm until 3 years old. And then, as if some magical demon snapped his fingers, she NAPPED NO MORE.

    That was it. We tried for 2 months (way too long) to maintain the afternoon nap. There was no quiet playing in her room. Just usually 1 hour of throwing, screaming and general unpleasantness until I finally threw in the towel.

    Sometimes naptime just is over.

  2. I agree with Lynne. For many kids, after the age of the three, nap time is over. Oh, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever be super cranky and tired, but they are not going to nap. Approximately once every couple of weeks I will get my son to take a nap, but then he’s awake until 10 p.m.

    For the most part, I just let him jell and play quietly on his own for an hour or so after lunch. Seems to do the trick. Maybe you could crash out on the floor while she plays.

  3. I have been dreading the day that my two yr old twin boys won’t nap. They’ll be three in a little over a month so I know that very soon I will be exhausted at 2 pm with no hope in sight. Ugh!

  4. I am super strict about TV watching, especially for young kids, HOWEVER…to keep sane when I was expecting #4 and #2 wouldn’t take a nap (age 3 1/2) I would let the TV be the babysitter for an hour. I really don’t have many qualms about Nick Jr. for an hour daily. Especially if it keeps me sane! LOL

    I guess TV babysitting also depends on how well it holds the interest of your child. Some it works for but some are just too curious about life and need the constant supervision.Good Luck. And remember…this too shall pass.

  5. Hello,
    I, really, am not trying to be a jerk. But, here goes with what I always wonder about. Okay, us residents of the USA live in a place of great, actually just ridiculous, richness and wealth and luxury and comfort and a bunch of other good things that 90% of the world would step over their own mothers to participate in. Modern times in the USA.
    Now, in contrast, for thousands of years people were (and still are) bearing children and somehow keeping them alive and somehow getting through each day in what could be described as deplorable conditions. The ancient Greeks, the Mayans, the aborigines in Austrailia, I could go on. They lived with dirt floors, no washers or dryers, no cell phones, no Starbucks or drive-thru’s. Yet, we have no record of these women who, along with having to care for small children, were harvesting food, building shelters, and doing a bunch of other strenuous chores, bitching and moaning about not being able to get a child (and forgive me just one jibe here – an over endulged child) to take a freakin’ nap.
    Okay, maybe a conclusion. If you bear a child, well , then, just rear the child and quit complaining to the unfortunate, innocent person that just happens to be nearby. Look around you. Every one you see was a child once. It is not that big of a deal. Quit acting like somehow you have done something extraordinary. About a gazillion babies are born each day. Please, spoiled, self-centered mothers, get over yourselves. And, for Pete’s sake, keep your kid quiet in the movie theatre, and, really, in all other public places too. That (keeping them quiet) is the true gift you can make to this world.

  6. Richard, if you are trying NOT to be a jerk, sadly you have failed. I think that compared to world hunger, etc we all know that the little pricks of life do not add up. That is why I didn’t entitle the name of this blog “my problems are bigger and more important than everyone’s else.”.
    1) if you don’t want to hear mommy talk, why are you on a mom blog to begin with?
    2) I have a feeling that you too complain about many little peeves in life, a car in front doesn’t go through a left turn lane in time for you to make your turn, a loud cell phone talker, etc. or perhaps an loud child in a theater
    3) you see you undercut your own point by your closing. The mom of yore you idealize could give a rats ass that you are disturbed in a public place by a child. Richard, as I am sure you once did as a child you bothered someone. If you knew anything about children you would know they cannot always be controlled. No more than than stupid adults who make comments on websites.
    oh, and F– off.

  7. Hey dude…what she said! Why do I get the feeling that Richard has no kids himself, oh and I’m guessing has never been pregnant. So walk a mile in another man’s or in this case woman’s shoes dude, then pass your high and mighty judgements.

    Again Daphne I love your site!

  8. While i think that “Richard’s” comments are too oddly placed to be accidental (ditto to why are you on given your views), I’m going to pretend to take them seriously and make a simple point. Those women of “yore” of whom you speak — the ones who pulled the proverbial plough, squatted to give birth, then carried plough and baby home, without complaint — they returned home to a village, a community, in which the women gathered round to explain how to swaddle, how to nurse, and how to care for that child. They sat around peeling potatoes together, commiserating over the pot. So, you’re right, there’s no record of it — nor any evidence it didn’t happen. In the 60s/70s in which I was raised, our parents were too screwed up to pay attention to us — too busy participating in the revolutionary ideas of the time, and, perhaps, compensating for having felt smothered by their childhoods of the worrisome and deprived 30s and 40s. We all are, in fact, just reacting to our own childhoods — and as much as we felt neglected, however benignly, we dote on our children. Sue me.

    It used to take a village, and now we live lives of plenty, tis true, but lives of distanced individualism. Sites like this, and people like Daphne, are doing yeoman’s work to keep mom’s like me — moms who work too hard to have developed meaningful, in person communities, sane. . . to make us feel that we are, truly, still part of the village community.

    Richard – I hope you one day get to experience the joys of parenting — and the commensurate regret you’ll feel at your insensitive comments above.

    thanks Daphne, and all the momversation moms too!!

  9. PS – Richard, your comment about keeping children quiet in public is hilarious. I guess your momma didn’t figure out how to keep YOU quiet in one of the most public places in the world — the INTERNET, eh??

  10. Alright Daph. Honestly I woke up 15 min. ago from a mommy n me nap session in which my 3 y/o didn’t nap. I got up, got a drink, he went to sleep and I thought “hmm haven’t checked in with in a while”. I too am pregnant and need my nap time these days and it kills me when he won’t even settle down for an hour.

    As far as Richard goes, I think he knew he was out of line before he even started talking. Perhaps he was the jerk on that flight from one of your much earlier vlogs.

    Anyway, we’re all here and commenting, relating, to you so apparently you’re not the only “spoiled, self centered mother”.

  11. Jeepers, I find it difficult to believe that anybody would pay attention to something that a jerk like me would write, but it appears so. Maybe there is some kind of nerve there, reactions like those don’t come from nowhere. For those who will not read further let me just get this in – the way to deal with a jerk is to simply ignore the jerk.

    An unimportant piece of information. The way I wound up coming to this web site was by way of a mention on a radio show. I was driving around and listening to a radio show that I like and this site was mentioned. Later, when I was poking around on the internet I remembered the site and went to see it. I am not in the habit of looking for web sites about moms (cool or not). Plugs on radio shows apparently will get you traffic. I clicked around on the site and, well, I could not resist chiming in.

    And, to our fine host Daphne. I do have some perspective with respect to all of this. For what it is worth, I have never created a popular, content-filled web site. I have never created anything that amounts to anything in this world. The work and effort and risk you have taken are not at all common in this world and worth admiration. Few people in this world stick their necks out and actually create something. For me, I just sit behind a computer screen and criticize with the anonymity that this miracle we call the internet creates.

    You see, I had it coming, but it might be better to not lower yourself. If you are dealing with a typical internet troll or just a good, old-fashioned jerk (which I am), if you write something like “f *** off” it will just egg that person on. That person just ain’t worth it. Any silly ranting of some dufis should just be ignored. I will hold out for one thing though – do not take an infant to a movie theatre.

    And, to Lisa. A genuine, authentic, thoughtful response. Well done, ma’am.

  12. I NEEDED my naps and as a result my kids napped till they hit grade 1 dammit!

    For the afternoon nap with the twins (the two youngest of 3) when they got a bit older we would take a ‘group nap’. In order to have the joy and honor of napping in Mommy’s bed they had to SLEEP 🙂 Worked for me.

  13. I co-slept. I haven’t slept in 3 years. It sucks. I don’t know if I could baby-train them though. It’s just not for me. So I just sort of say “Geez… not sleeping bites, but they’ll be in college some day and I’ll totally miss this, so .. whatever”.

    I hope they like sleep as much as I do someday soon.

    On the aside, I think that complaining is part of sharing in this experience. This is our village. In an ideal world, my folks are well-adjusted, interesting, individuals who chose to give up their independent lifestyles to live with us and help raise our children and care for the home so we can return to work. Ideally, I would love it. So not the case, however.

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