Transition Haircut

Okay, I had another haircut. I’m letting it grow out, so I had my friend Theodore Leaf cut into my thick mane. Whaddaya think?

transition haircut

Today I like it… hope I still do tomorrow! He said I need to “keep on this program,” or it won’t grow, meaning I shouldn’t run around town, getting different cuts from different people. I am lazy, so that’s not likely to happen.

I feel like I aged myself a bit by having too-short hair. This hair is the best I can do for a youthful look until I’m done nursing and can get back to the Botox!

On Momversation: Childbirth Choices

Hey, I kicked off the “momversation” this time! Childbirth is a subject that really resonated with me, and we got to use the term “vaginal” a great deal, so that was cool. And I enjoyed hearing what the other mom-bloggers had to say about this topic. I think that if you had a C-section you, can relate to this, but maybe all women who now have a child can relate! Do you feel there is a tyranny about the “right” way to have a baby?

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Who’s Running in 2012?

Poor pundits. I get it: it’s hard when an election is over, the President is a lame duck (emphasis on lame), the President-elect hasn’t made any big appointments all week… they need an angle. But, “Who is running in 2012?” Even a big political nerd like myself can’t get on board with this. (Check out my vlog on Vivien’s chances for the top job in Vivien for President.)

Smart Women Vote Obama -

Here’s my thinking:

1) We don’t know what the next couple of years will be like. If Obama messes up royally, the Dems will back in Iowa, too.

2) Do we know who’s going to rehab themselves? Palin should do what Brittney Spears needed to do a long time ago: Vanish. She should get back to her job and quietly pen her “Dreams of My Father,” then go on to do The View and so forth. But if she doesn’t leave the stage and bone up on the big issues, she won’t get her second act. Ditto Mitt Romney, who needs a cause to keep him relevant.  And Bobby Jindal, who should get older and keep Louisiana on his side. You know who is beyond rehab? Dick Cheney.

3) Can you buy charisma? Because the GOP is going to need it. That, and a new coat of paint.

Instead of talking about who’s running in 2012, I prefer the “Who’s going to get bailed out now?” discussion. Because we’re giving tax money to the people who built the Geo Tracker, really? Would you give your kids even $5 if they had D’s on their report cards?

Behind the Scenes: Why I Love Working in TV

When I had Vivien, I didn’t have a gig. I was okay with it, because I had long thought I wanted that first year with my baby. But when she was only 9 days old, I got a call to come in to do a comedy bit for CMT (the Country Music Channel), for a Christmas show. I was to be Mrs. Claus and improvise jokes based on silly videos I watched.

I walked into that studio with a smile on my face, thanking everyone I met. “Hi, Julie? You do makeup? God bless you! Fred, you do lighting? Oh blast me!” I might have kissed the guy who brought the bagels and fruit. And I almost cried when I realized I was going to get a paycheck for the day, as well.  When you haven’t earned your own money in a while after having supported yourself for years, it gets to you.

Even though I was dressed as Mrs. Claus, I was so happy to be out of the house for a few hours, to see that I could still make jokes and go through hair and makeup – even if I was in a white wig and a big red dress.

Well, here is a little peek at the behind-the-scenes of my present job, as host of the “The Fashion Team” on the TV Guide channel. I’m lucky to have a job and even luckier that they apply makeup when I get there.

Hot Mama

Here’s a Halloween costume I didn’t wear to take my daughter out trick-or-treating this year. I have a mommy friend, Mary, who is one of the owners of the famous “Trashy Lingere” store here in LA. It is a great store that makes wonderful, saucy outfits. I have a Snow White outfit from them that rocks – of course I got it when I was on “The X Show” on FX seven years ago, and it has a tight corset. So I won’t be wearing that for a while.

Pregnant Halloween Costume -

I am a big believer that moms need to reconnect with their sexiness. It’s so easy to live your life in cotton drawstring pants (I’m wearing them right now). I did a shoot for the Fashion Team at Trashy and ended the segment with this naughty scout outfit. I want pregnant women not to complain, “I’m fat,” but to yell, “Look what a hot life-giver I am!!” You can buy this stuff online, ladies!

Or just think about sitting on Daniel Craig’s lap. Whatever works.

On Momversation: Disagreeing With Your Partner’s Parenting

Today on Momversation we’re talking about how to deal with parenting differences between partners. Alice Bradley of Finslippy asks: What do you do when you disagree with your partner’s parenting decisions? Is it okay to disagree in front of your kids, or should you present a united front and duke it out later? Heather Armstrong of dooce, Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, and I all weigh in with our experiences.

How do you deal with this issue in your household? Let us know in the comments, and check out the Momversation in our related forums:

Block Party

Sunday was the first time I ever helped organize a block party. It’s also the first time I’ve lived in a place friendly enough to have a community party, save for college. So I guess this is my first community party without drugs.

Block Party - horse ride -

It was a smashing success. Two other women and I put it together, and we had about 100 people. I was in charge of food, which meant Mark and his sons were making grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone. I was impressed with how hard the guys worked. It just goes to show you: 14-year-olds will sit in front of the computer for hours, but asked to really participate, they can and will. Who knew?

Block Party - Firemen -

One of the high points – besides my neighbor’s peach cobbler, which rocked – was the arrival of the FIREMEN!!! Three trucks arrived, and all the moms’ knees were a-quiver. Six months pregnant with little makeup on, I still sashayed up to those fine men to greet them. Fortunately our face painter gal was sparking with one of the hunks (NOTE: They are talking behind Viv on the horse, above). I took her aside and said, “We are all a bunch of moms, so you have to do this for us: Someone has to date one of them.” I also wanted details, but I resisted saying that.

Can’t Wait NOT To See This Movie

This is one of my biggest beefs with the movie industry: Violent and kids-in-peril movies are not going to get me out of my house, into a car, looking for parking, spending $12 a ticket and $5 for popcorn to sit next to strangers. The movie industry is hurting? Wah-wah, then quit making all these downers that scare me and keep me up at night! Bring on “Sex and the City,” or James Bond. That’s what this mommy likes.

On Momversation: Food as Reward

Our topic for this Momversation video was about using food as a reward.

We were talking about kids, but I think as an adult woman, I was chubbier when I used food as a reward, as opposed to just eating some chocolate when I wanted it. But I’m getting so jumbo now (6 months pregnant!), it’s hard to know what I look like.

Do you use food as a reward for your kids?

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Cool Mom Poll Results: You Know Your Country!

I asked on Monday what you thought would happen on Tuesday, not what you wanted to happen in the election. Fifteen percent thought there might be a McCain upset by a hair, but 84% thought Obama would win, and by which margin was split evenly.

Obama poll results Cool Mom

It’s funny that even though I thought Obama would win, when he did, I was – like so many others – quite emotional. And I was not in the tank for him for most of this. He won by more than I guessed.

Even though “my guy” won, I have such sympathy for those that lost: McCain and Palin. Especially McCain, since he has been at it for so long and this was his LAST chance. When my dad lost his local elections, my whole family felt like we had been kicked in the gut.

We forget how vulnerable politicians make themselves.  It’s one long audition. You keep asking people to like you, believe in you, be inspired by you, trust you! And then when they don’t, it’s a slap. It must be especially hard when you get 50 million votes and still lose. Kerry and especially Gore had this. Now it’s the other team’s turn, but I don’t relish it. One day, surrounded by Secret Service and screaming crowds. Yesterday McCain climbed in his car and drove himself home, no entourage.

And enough with the Palin bashing. She’s back home. If anyone should be ridiculed or blamed for the GOP loss, that should go to Bush. I still think that there is a viciousness that people – and especially women – unleash on other women that they don’t on men. I didn’t vote for her, but it was good to see a woman on a major ticket. And you know, I like the husband: Todd didn’t seem to have any ‘tude about being the guy behind the throne, and I like that in a guy.  I can imagine why many would be brooding or sulking.

Anyway, we are free at last, free at last, from the longest election cycle ever… or so it seems.