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I need help. Okay, at 7 months, I’m starting to wrap my brain about what I need for my little boy in February.  Since this is my second child, I have many things already in the storage hut in the back: high chair, crib, etc.  I have been sorting through Viv’s newborn clothes to pick out the ones that won’t emasculate a young man.

But here is what I need, and I’d love to have an suggestions or advice about which products you all have liked.

Monitor.  My husband talked me out of a video one with Viv, and I regretted that.  I could Ferberized her better if I could have WATCHED her.  Which ones are good?

Bassinet/co-sleeper.  Vivien’s bassinet was borrowed, and it has never been given back.  Advantage: it rocked side to side when I was trying to get her to sleep.  But, is it better to have a co-sleeper so I don’t have to rise out of bed?  I’m talking about the first 3 to 4 months when he will still be in my room.  I’m thinking a bassinet is better. But rocking? music?  Remember, a light is good.

Swing.  I know I have to get the kind that goes back and forth and side to side.  Vivien and my niece hated the back and forth.  Or maybe it was good for a couple of minutes.  When she was almost too old, we borrowed the side to side one.  Is one better than another?

Sound machine.  We had a great one from Sharper Image.  Perfect pitch.  Vivien wouldn’t sleep without it for many months.  She grew out of it, and then I was addicted.  “Get rid of that!”  Mark finally screamed.  Harumph.  No like the sound of waves?  The problem is, we can’t find it, and Sharper Image is NO more.  So, which ones worked for you?

Made in the USA.  I know this is probably a big pipe dream on my part, but are there ANY HUNKS OF PLASTIC NOT MADE IN CHINA? With our economic woes and deflating dollar, I’d love to buy domestic, though it doesn’t seem possible in baby gear.  Just bought a baby outfit for a friend, and the best I could find was Made in Thailand.

What am I not thinking of?

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  1. I loved the mini-co-sleeper I used it the first 8 weeks of Lexi’s life. I then had to bury it in the basement because it was time for the crib and I so loved looking over and seeing her sweet face that i would have busted that sucker out at 2:30am the first night without it. Instead though I went online and bought an expensive video monitor “system” that’s what you get when you buy one with more then 2 video camera’s so you get ANGLES of your baby sleeping. This is helpful so that I don’t get up to check to see if she’s breathing 8 times a night…instead I only check 4 times. Progress.

    If you don’t have the Moby Wrap I would totally recommend it. I just said totally. Sweet mother of moses I need more coffee. I loved the Moby – it allowed for two handed activities like holding the remote and a martini at the same time. just kidding (not really) and it was really supportive unlike those slings which were made by chiropractors looking to spur up business and it’s fabric so you don’t feel like you’re in a spinal brace like you do with the bjorn.

    End of excessively long comment.

  2. Hi, Amy’s dad from preschool here…

    For monitors, everyone suggested the Sony Babycall to me (27 channels). It has worked great. We stopped using it regularly after she turned 2, but still pull it out on occasion when dining outdoors after she’s been put to bed. With the large number of channels, there are plenty of options in case you ever start getting interference from something. And the range is pretty good.

    We had a fairly standard-issue Fisher Price swing that I’d be happy to let you have (we’re in the process of giving all that stuff away this month!). It’s blue with circus animals and the seat can pivot to swing front-back or left-right. We had also had the “posh” version of their swing, and found the standard-issue one far better for comfort and reliability.

    Finally for sound machine: We use an old iPod with a compact set of iPod speakers (that keeps the iPod recharged). We downloaded an album from iTunes called “Sleeping Baby” and found the track that we like (we used “womb” for the first few weeks as a transition, then moved to “restaurant ambiance”, then ultimately to “running water”). Set the iPod for “repeat single track” and it’ll go all night. And, if you get small enough portable speakers, they’re easy to take with you when you travel so the comforting sounds of the home bedroom are still there.

  3. Daphne I might have that same sound machine, if you think Mark could stand it. Because of the two cities/two houses thing, we had two! And I might be able to put my hands on one. Was it square, with three vertical rows of buttons? One is like alien noises, one was nature, and I don’t remember the other. We used waves, I think that would put me to sleep TODAY.

    Also we used the miracle blanket to swaddle, although you didn’t mention that, WOW IT SAVED OUR LIVES. We swaddled then put the little larva in the cosleeper and voila, everybody asleep together.

  4. btw I was putting a dress of Vivien’s away the other night and it was made in the USA. Maybe they had a bailout.

    thanks great, suggestions. Mike. will email you I’ll take your swing. .
    Beth, the monitor had about ten channels. it was white. maybe yours would work. who knows if Junior will be as picky. Viv was.
    The ipod thing is clever!
    and I was a religious swaddler. Even though Mark was better at it.
    Cass, which monitor has different angles?

  5. Hi there!
    I just found your blog through a trail of other blogs and I fell in love with your humor and wit and funny videos:-)

    Um I am not a parent however I do babysit quite often and I have found that the sleep sheep works really well! You can choose the sound..I to love the waves… and also the volume and then the length at how long it will stay on. It velcros right to the side of the crib and runs on batteries so you can take it anywhere!

    Good luck and congratulations!

  6. Hey Daphne-

    We love our Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Lullaby Soother. It’s a crib “light/music maker” that has helped us get our daughter to sleep many nights. It plays about 10 different lullaby songs while little fish and sea scapes “float” by. It will play music for about 30 minutes slowly reducing the volume and dimming the light. What I’ve loved most about it, other than the fact that it plays for so long which is a good thing for a sleep fighting baby, but it has a remote control. I have mine hung on my rocking chair. I’ll turn it on and when I’m just about ready to put my daughter in her crib I’ll turn it off and on again to reset it so it will play for another 30 minutes. It’s just nice to not have to get up to turn it on again. You do have to push the button on the main body the first time so the remote will work but that’s the only catch. I really recommend it! It’s bright enough to see the baby in the crib if you need to and it’s also bright enough to grab their attention and keep it. And it’s Baby Einstein so it’s at least plays things like Bach and Beethoven instead of the more traditional lullabies.

    Love your site by the way! It’s a nice break to my daily grind to visit your site. Your brand of humor just tickles my funny bone!


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