On Momversation: Why Do You Care How I Parent My Child?

On today’s Momversation, Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child asks “Why do you care how I parent?” She really had some major buttinskies get in her face as a new mom, so I don’t blame her for being a little peeved. When should we give advice to other parents, or should we at all? And if someone is up in your stuff, how do you handle it?

4 thoughts on “On Momversation: Why Do You Care How I Parent My Child?

  1. Interesting one — I find that unsolicited advice from stranges falls into my “whatever” camp. You, lady from the park, I will never see again and so could care less whether you understand that my gritted teeth and tepid smile are communicating a very subtle FU to you.

    The challenging arena, for me, are the well-intentioned older siblings who have “been there” and who cannot keep from injecting all the ways in which they think you’re being an ineffective parent. It’s SO much more personal, the criticism hurts SO much more, and it’s SO much more likely to make me defensive and 100% pissed off. Because it’s like you said – depends how it is presented, and for some reason, my family feels 100% free to be harsh and judgmental. I have learned to adopt a “whatever” stance with them as well, but I’ve had to grow rhino hide to do it, and it just totally sucks.

  2. i know what you mean. if you don’t want conflict you have to. once in awhile I’ve done the “i know this isn’t how you mean it to sound, but hear is how it sounds to me.” allowing the other to go, “oh, my that’s not what I meant.” and their is a hug. it makes them less defensive. But most of the time i’m an avoider.

  3. I hate receiving unsolicited advice, but I have to clamp my teeth together and focus all my energy on NOT giving advice to others. I know how obnoxious it is, but when a piece of knowledge has been won through a long, tough battle in the trenches, you just want to share. Because, if you had to spend so much time learning the lesson, you should be able to get as much mileage out of it as possible.

    My solution to people who give me advice, “It sounds like that worked really well for your family.”

    My solution to my need to tell other people how to do it: I blog.

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