On Momversation: Funniest Bits and Outtakes

One of the beefs of actors (and hosts) is that your best lines or scenes end up on the cutting room floor. A good editor who gets you can make a big difference. Editors can cut to underscore a joke you have made, and they can throw your whole bit in the can. Always be good to the editor. This is something bloggers- or vloggers- might be learning as well. After all, I know when I watch Momversation I think, “What happened to this bit?”

Also, there are the cuts for time or to narrow the message. I think that’s what happens in the Momversation videos. It can’t be War and Peace. So, like a good blooper reel in the tradition of “Mash” and other great old TV shows, here is the cutting room floor edition of Momversation. Stuff that didn’t make the cut. Or to steal a line from Mia Farrow’s autobiography, “what falls away.”

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