8 thoughts on “A Very Alzheimer’s Christmas

  1. For what it’s worth, my 6-year-old remembers last Christmas. But I don’t remember whether she remembered the previous year last year when she was 5. So just hang on for a couple of years.

  2. Enjoy that while you can Daphne 🙂

    Mind you it does get rather enjoyable when the kids remind you of ‘what we HAVE to do’ this holiday season to make it a true family Christmas 🙂 Mine are twin girls at 11 and son at 15. All good. We have our traditions and they apparently enjoy them.

  3. I know exactly what you mean.
    My daughter just turned 3 in September, and she is just in awe and amazement at all the decorations.
    Before we leave to go to anyone’s house she asks, ” Do they have lights on their house?”
    She has also asked me at least a million times,
    When is Santa coming, is he coming tonight?’
    When is it going to snow? We live in AL so not much of a chance of that sweetie.
    and my favorite…as I wrap gifts for others, “where’s my present?”
    I will say, having 2 teens, it is nice to have the “wonder” back in the house.

  4. In the lead up to Christmas this year, my 5 yo put up homemade ornaments on a house plant (3 yo brother not interested). When my husband said it was time to go and get our ‘real’ Christmas tree, Lucy was offended and balked: this ficus plant *was* the real tree. Did he not *see* the pipe cleaner ornaments she’d been painstakingly making and hanging upon it? I convinced said spouse to drop it; this’ll probably be the last year she doesn’t care if our Christmas tree isn’t ‘real’, and doesn’t have ‘real’ ornaments on it. I like not being weighed down by the traditions – stay light! – but my husband thinks I’m sort of grinchy.

  5. With 4 kids, we have a wide age gap, from age 6 up to age 14. The younger two are still in the ooh-aah stage and the older two are learning the joy of creating the wonder for the little ones. I love it!

  6. Daphne, your A Very Alzheimer’s Christmas was cute and I realize the difference in a child’s memory of events from one year to the next. But, you and your husband remember those events and that is special.

    I do not mean to be critical but I was sadden of your choice of using the word “Alzheimer’s” in the story title. It is obvious you have not experienced a true Alzheimer’s Christmas as you would never have compared a child’s Christmas to one full of no hope, a lot of grief, sadness, and superficial joy.

    While I know you meant no harm, I did want to make you aware that you compared apples to oranges.

    I hope you and your family have a very happy, healthy, and blessed 2009. My family and I will be focused on ensuring my 80 year old mother suffering from Alzheimer’s is safe, comfortable, and her needs being met.

    Sometimes we all have to laugh at the misfortunes in life, but this just wasn’t the time…or it wasn’t for me.

    Becky Wester
    Knoxville, TN

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