Momversation: Are You Raising a Religious Child?

Are you there God, hello?  Are you busy or a figment of our imagination?  Whatever God you are, I’m open, just throw me a bone, show me you are there.  Hmmm… there’s no logic to bad things that happen to good people.  Maybe you aren’t there.  But, then December comes, and I hear “Silent Night,” and I want in on this club!  Or I go to a Jewish family’s Friday night dinner, and I’m reminded of how I like ritual. So, then, don’t I want my kids to have some grounding in some orthodoxy?  But I don’t want my kids to think the devil is under the bed, and I would like them to like their bodies as they get older.

So, how does a crusty agnostic provide their children with spiritual guidance without being a fraud or feeling like a poser?  Or should one even bother?  What religion (or lack of) has worked for you?  Does one parent want their children to be religious and the other is along for the ride or grumbling?  How do you work it out? The Momversationers chat.

5 thoughts on “Momversation: Are You Raising a Religious Child?

  1. My husband and i disagree on this subject all the time . We were both raised Catholic and I consider myself a true Christian .My husband on the other hand does not believe in God .It is a tense subject in our house.My 1st son was not Cristened untill he was 10 months old . Due to the fight over how to raise him . I won . FInally .My son goes to a Christian based preschool and will be going to a Christian based elementry school . After I had my son I belived in God
    more than ever . Interesting subject . Well Merry Christmas to you and your family . Love your blog !


  2. I LOVE this Momversation! My background was evangelical Christian, and my husband was born to Catholic parents. Since we got married, we have been to the church to get married, and then, maybe 10 times since. Mostly because I forced him. I just remember being wracked with guilt over every stupid sin I ever committed, and also never thinking for myself. I do not want to put that crap on my kids. It is tough enough to be a kid today–my elementary school kids should not be worrying about their eternal souls (if they even have them…ha!). My husband is in his atheist phase, and I respect that. I am in my I-do-not-know-if-I-believe-anything phase. Why confuse the kids on what could be an important issue–we try to be a united front in every other situation. Thanks for talking about it! Happy Festivus!

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  4. I really appreciate this Momversation. It’s a good one. Thanks for your honesty. Dear Heather probably expected to be bludgeoned- but stuck to her truth so bravely. I love this site and the crew of gutsy outspoken mamas.

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