Merry Christmas

This is one of the bleaker Christmases I can remember. Most everyone is totally freaked about money. Even if they haven’t lost their own, they worry they will. Even in prosperous times, I think spending a bunch of money on adults is silly. Buy the kids presents. My family does a Secret Santa for the older set, so there is something to open. But years back, I got physically and financially exhausted from buying everyone presents. And as I said years ago to my family, “Unless you can give me a development deal at ABC, anything I want I can get myself.”  Since I don’t think they are going to buy me a week cruising the Greek Islands, that’s basically correct. And isn’t better to give to charity?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Andrew Stawarz

But this year I’m having a change of heart. Businesses, small and large even, are the charities.  Witness how charitable our government has to be to the financial markets, to the car companies.  I know some sweet small stores that wait for hours for a $30 sale.

So if you have any, go ahead, and spend some money.  The law of circulation; it all goes around. I don’t know if it’s what Jesus would do. But with these great sales, maybe he would.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I’m new here. This is very interesting. Dr. Dean Edell promotes your website because you used to be his Gal Friday (or whatever it’s called).
    I know Campanile; my dear late husband and I used to eat there occasionally. You must have struck it rich to be owners of that wonderful place, along with the bakery. Good luck to you in your business ventures, and in your mothering. Babies are such a treasure! And be sure to enjoy them now, because they grow up much too fast and are soon out of the nest.

  2. I am in the same mood this season – I have had so many conversations with small business owners who are struggling to keep there doors open this season. Nice Post!

  3. thanks all.
    Well, I think i struck it rich in terms of my husband. He doesn’t own the bakery anymore. He and partners sold it a while back. But, he is still in charge of Campanile and I agree with you and your dear late husband , it’s good. But, then I’m biased! I get a kick when my daughter says, “my daddy’s restaurant.” reminds me of Eloise.
    since he is a small business owner as is my mother I’m sensitive to what all small business owners are going through right now.
    happy holidays.

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