Home Office: Do Not Disturb

Another of the ongoing myths placed on modern humans is that it’s great to work at home. Yes, you use less gas, but it’s hard to tell your family to shut their pie holes when your office is in the middle of the kitchen. Kids and husbands are heat-seeking missiles. They sense a life force, and they come for you…

I find inspiration from a sitcom from my youth.

6 thoughts on “Home Office: Do Not Disturb

  1. I remember WKRP very fondly. Looking around us now, wow! What an old-fashioned show that was, a gentle warm comedy compared to the sarcasm etc of now.

  2. I feel your pain. Hubby has his own room/office space. My work desk/personal space (I work from home) is in our bedroom. I definitely feel the need to have a real separate room just for myself even though this space works for me most of the time. Does your hubby understand your need for “quiet and alone time”?

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  4. Wow,,,,,,,,You do not want to tell him…….Glad your home. I missed you today. Sorry, it’s all about your rules and what you want and on and on and on.

    You must really be unhappy.

    Hope your life gets better.

    Yours truley,
    Mr. T

  5. Wow! Pretty snarky Mr. T. Interesting how you view Daphne’s need for focus time as unhappiness in her relationship. I take it you never require time to focus on your work????

    Anyway…Daphne, when your kids are older they will probably create even more of a distraction for you while working. That is if they are anything like my kids. I wanted to share something that has worked for me. I work from home for a large corporation and am on conference calls most of the day. So background noises create a lot of stress for me….especially when it’s kids yelling at each other.

    BTW…I have a son (15) and a daughter (11) so you can imagine the brother and sisterly love going on in my house. 😉 This past summer, my husband and I implemented a ‘family court’ system. Any complaints one had about the other (he came in my room without permission, she hit me, etc.) were to be addressed only at family court time which was in the evening after dinner.

    The kids would take turns presenting their case. My husband and I, as the judges, would make a ruling as to who was at fault and what the judgement would be. We would ask the person filing the complaint to identify what they wanted as a reparation. In one case my daughter asked for a foot massage. She got it and both kids ended up laughing.

    It turned in to some really fun family time for us. Plus as a bonus, the kids learned a little about a court system.

    They really got serious about this. My daughter asked if she could record audio of some of their conversations for evidence. I told her she could, but that would probably lead to him recording her too so she should think that through.

    Oh, and filing a claim required one family fun buck (family fun bucks are our family currency for chores, doing good things, and then recieving things like tv time, etc.). This cut down on ‘frivolous’ cases.

    Overall this process reduced all the interruptions I was getting from one side or the other. I hope your kids behave better than mine when they are this age, but if they don’t….give this a try.

    Love your site!

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