I Keep On Falling…

…in love? Actually off my porch. I did this earlier in my pregnancy (like 5 months) and got a deep gash in my right shin. This time I got an even longer and deeper gash in my right shin (could I look more pasty white?).

I had boots on that had no tread; it was raining, and I slipped on my slick porch. You know when you can feel yourself going down? At least this time I didn’t break my fall with my wrist like last time and give myself another injury. And I did not land on my big belly. Phew.

Vivien and Mark were with me. As I lay on the ground on my back crying, Viv said about 6 times, “You are going to have big gash”. Between my tears I finally growled, “You’ve said that 6 times.” When someone falls, I think it’s best if people:

1) assess if there is serious injury

2) make soft sympathetic noises

3) help the person who fell up

4) more sympathetic words

5) first aid

then you can mention the size of my gash ONCE.

Well, thirty pounds hanging over my belt is bound to make me a little off kilter.  Ha, who am I kidding.  I haven’t worn a belt in a long time.

Diaper Cakewalk

Boy, do I look big! Can you believe that is supposed to be dress? It was done by the winner of Project Runway, Christian Siriano. I thought it a bit skimpy for my party, so I threw on the leggings underneath.

This was at the “he’s almost here!” cocktail party we had. It was so great. I asked only for people to bring food… a potluck. But many were very generous and brought presents for my little guy. Before the party, I received a present through Diaper Cakewalk. It was so cute, layers of diapers and a little blue elephant, lotions, binky, washcloths. It’s a twofer, ’cause it’s a gift and a centerpiece. If you are hosting or attending a shower I recommend it. I put it in the middle of the dessert table and got many compliments on it.

One drunk tried to take a bite out of it. I have to stop inviting her to stuff.

Obama Mamas

Look, no one is happier than me that Bush is GONE.  I cried when the Supreme Court appointed him in ’00; I cried when he was elected in ’04.  I’ve been driving around with this sticker on my car for years…

Hmm… guess it’s time to take it off.  I voted for Obama and am happy he is President for historic and political changes.  But I can’t get in a lather about it.

My sister-in-law recently sent me all these political cartoons that should produce an “aw.”  Lincoln and MLK proud of President Obama, that ilk.  But I think now the combination of a very long campaign and the economy really hitting the fan has made this political junkie jaded and beat. Yeah, idealism is great, but can we please try to avoid double digit unemployment?  My job has been reduced; my husband is having to work hard to keep his business competitive in this new environment.  My condo in Florida is such a dog I’m begging someone to take it off my hands… no matter the loss.  I’m seeing more empty store fronts around my neighborhood.  So, big historical speeches. Yawn.

I like the more regulations for finance industry, the freeing up abortion rights, etc.  Keep it coming.  But do I keep having to listen to Will.I. Am?  I hope not.

Rah, rah, show me the money.

On Momversation: Circumcision?

Hang on to your foreskin!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride on Momversation.  Cool Mom readers know my feelings about circumcision… one for which I garnered much more support than I expected.  So I brought it up to the Momversation panel.  Can’t say I made any friends on this one!

Well, see how the moms hash out the question: to cut or not to cut?

Snooze Time

Wow, I’m in a new final stretch of this pregnancy. I’ve been hit by the tired stick. I usually wake up with energy early and get stuff done before work or before my family wakes up. Now I reluctantly wake up. And by 1pm, I can barely keep my eyes open. If I eat some protein, I can last another hour or two, but if I haven’t slept by 4 I think I will collapse.  For a while, an hour nap would set me; now an hour feels like a tease. I’ve been having a babysitter come in the afternoon so I can nap.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m neglecting my daughter, but it’s probably no good if I fell asleep under the swing set.

Oh, and they are back!  My pregnancy arm rash or as I call it, arm acne. Not as bad as with Vivien, but not great. Itchy arms… I have to sleep in a cold room, or I will rip my skin off.

Other than that, I feel fine.

Who Would Buy a Bratz?

Why would any mom buy their daughter a Bratz doll? This lady did and then discovered the doll had the word “Enter” on her belt buckle. But the outrageous lips and hooker outfit were okay?

I was so glad when Mattel won the Bratz case. I think like Bush/Cheney and Bernie Madoff, the people who manufactured the Bratz deserved to be punished. No one made people buy the dolls, right? Yes, but we arrest drug dealers as well. They don’t make people buy drugs, but there is a consensus that society could run more smoothly without them. No fit on the toy store floor would make me buy one of these trampy dolls.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rejohnson71

It’s hard not to tell my daughter that she is beautiful. One thing that I so admire about her is that she hates when I call her that. “No, mommy, I’m smart, strong, and brave.” My thought: Yes, of course you are, and that is what I should be reinforcing in you. Her own innate survival skills are already superior to my own. I’ll buy her the smart, strong, and brave doll. The one who can fix things, doesn’t run up her credit card, is honest to people, graduates from a good college. And doesn’t have Lisa Rinna lips.

Bigger, Bigger

I’m up 25 pounds now.  34 weeks.   I still feel pretty good.  My biggest bother is the leg cramps.  They’re in my calf mostly. They can wake me up and ache all day.  I ate a banana smoothie for dinner last night.  Hope it helps. I should be walking more.  But if I don’t run out before Vivien wakes up, I hear screams of “mommy, mommy” as I rush out the door . So I go back to my coffee and bagel.

Bigger, Bigger

Junior is so mellow, I got worried the other day.  My daughter really beat me up before.  My doctor said to lie down for an hour and count at least ten movements. Then it meant he was fine.  The first 20 minutes while I watched an old interview with Joe Biden (catching up on Tivoed news shows), he didn’t move at all, and I was freaked.  Then by the time Biden said the economy was worse than they had thought (uh, yeah, we all realized that, didn’t we?), Junior was starting to boogie. I felt much better.

People keep saying “Are you ready?”  Gosh, are you ever?