Who Wants These Big Clothes?

I’m thinking ahead… By about 6-8 weeks, shouldn’t I sell my maternity clothes online?  Not the milk-stain-on-the-breast, $10 Motherhood Maternity t-shirt, but the nice A Pea In the Pod ones I splurged on.  Those pants and dresses were $200 plus.  God, that’s so 2008.  For 2009, it’s about resale!

I found this site, gently used.com, where moms can sell their duds and children’s clothes.  Although, some of these ladies need their hormones adjusted.  A used Old Navy or Motherhood top for $10?  Isn’t that what it is new?  I think this site needs me.

Has anyone done this before or EBay?  I’m new to the virtual garage sale world.

After Vivien, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep reproducing. But now, it’s for sure the swan song to pregnancy, so clothing-wise, come and get it!

Baby Boy!
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7 thoughts on “Who Wants These Big Clothes?

  1. I haven’t checked your link out, but will definitely do so. I was a HUGE purchaser of all things maternity on ebay – 80% worked, 20% didn’t because sizing was funky for some reason. I am absolutely contemplating a big resale/ebay push. . . makes so much sense. I hated the idea of spending a lot on maternity clothes I would never wear again. I am 22 weeks and, unlike my first pregnancy when I was SO psyched to be in real maternity clothes because “LOOK AT ME… I”M PREGNANT!,” i have managed to use a belly expander with regular pants up until very recently, and have found that current sweater wrap styles actually are very accommodating of a pregnancy body, so that I will have them when this is all over too. In short, i’m not afraid to look ridiculous this time around (slightly short shirts etc.), particulary at home because it’s too short a period of time and just not worth the moolah.

  2. I do eBay and have had only great experiences! I have to laugh when people want to sell crap for as much money as they paid. It’s used for goodness sake!

  3. … and I mean the Old Navy top women. Not the high dollar stuff. I’d expect to pay more for that used stuff 🙂 But a cotton tshirt… no way.

  4. I’m thinking of taking it all to the local consignment shop. We have 2 in the area that are mainly kids & mom shops and they take maternity. Or I’ll craigslist the whole bunch and Freecycle or Goodwill anything that doesn’t sell.

  5. I’ve seen “lots” of maternity clothes sold on ebay. Lots, as in pay one price for the entire lot. Taking the pictures of everything and uploading them sounds kind of dreadful.

    How-evah, I have seen some quite innovative ebay sales. You could videotape a fashion show, and put a link on the ebay page (not sure they let you upload video).

    Advertise Cool Mom Daphne’s maternity sale, tell a couple of fat people jokes, bing-bang-boom…


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