On Momversation: Plastic Surgery

If you ever had a moment alone in the morn to look up close at a mirror as the morning sun streams in through your window, you’ve had the pleasure of seeing every fold and crevice that has developed on your face. Let’s not even talk about the horror of when you catch a from-behind mirror shot of your butt. Yeah, what happened there?

So, has it ever gone through your aging head to have any work done? Do you judge those that have? I ask the moms and we versate!

15 thoughts on “On Momversation: Plastic Surgery

  1. Very interesting. I’d like to hear more on this topic: I’m 49, and I wonder, should I get something done? I sometimes think Yes!!! but, then, I could see it giving you like plastic surgery fever, you know–“more…I must have more!!” How can you stop at just one procedure. Botox, but then, Juvaderm would be nice, and then, I never liked that bump on my nose, and then, my eyes are kinda falling down at the corners….when would it stop??? Oh, and my poor boobs, after nursing 3 kids to 3 yrs old, not for the faint of heart…and the spider veins on the legs. I would need 4 jobs to pay for all this.

  2. There is something to be said for being happy with what God gave you, but plastic surgery can never change the true you. Maybe make you more comfortable with showing that true self to the world…and I think that’s a great thing.

    At 33 I am still hanging in there in my au natural state…though in my mind I am still 25…and plan to stay that way! But after 3 kiddos and a healthy portion of stress, I do have some internal conflict as I am noticing that outside is starting to not match the inside. Who knows, I may come to see my creases and sags as a badge or courage of sorts, for all the stress, tears, laughter, and triumphs in my life. But if I don’t…I will always reserve surgery as an option.

  3. Great conversation. I can totally relate to ALL the views. I guess it’s just like anything else – less is more! But none… maybe not so much. I just want to know when we’ll get some OTC Botox I can buy with my Walgreen’s coupons!

  4. NO NO NO! I swear I have shared this here before somewhere, but I will say it again…NO!

    I had a neck lift and breast lift almost 2 years ago now. It was preceded by a year or so of botox and sculptra injections. The Sculptra has left small pebbles under my skin that may or may not go away. The surgeries have left much MORE!

    The breast lift was painful and not really effective because I refused implants. The surgeon (and several others) swore implants weren’t necessary. My breasts continue to painful most of the time. My nipples feel like they will explode with every period.

    The neck lift left me with a lovely treatment resistant staph infection that threatened my life and was the most painful and horrifying thing I’ve ever gone through. OH! And my neck looks way worse than it did before. Especially since I have a lovely drainage scar on it.

    I had UTI’s for 6 month from the catheter they inserted at the last minute since the surgery was going to be so long.

    So ladies. Wake up! Real surgery, life threatening. Learn to love yourself. I know that most people do ok, but there are those like myself that don’t. Take it into consideration – it’s A LOT to ask your family – especially your children to go through.

    Ok, I’m done!

  5. Interesting momversation. I think, in moderation, might be the key word(s) here. I don’t knock anyone who has had it, although at my age, I don’t really know too many people who have, but I digress.

    I do, one day, plan on having something done to my breast. I had open heart surgery as an infant, and apparently they were more worried about saving my life than, oh gee, she might be a woman with breast some day, so half my left breast has a scar through it. I don’t have kids yet (infertile), so I don’t even know if I can breast feed, but I am holding out on having anything done to them until I am done having kids. It might turn out to be a two-fer.

    My mom had implants after she had her last child, says she wishes she would have had them in her 20s. I wouldn’t mind implants (thanks for the boobs mom! —or the lack thereof!) but not until I am done with kiddos.

    We’ll see.

  6. In August of 2004 I was given a left mastectomy for Stage IIB metastic breast cancer and I have not had reconstruction. It is my opinion (and only my opinion–take it or leave it) that surgery should be performed only for real medical problems. I’m taking an unpopular stance here, I know, but after all the surgeries I’ve had throughout the years, I just couldn’t opt to go under the knife again for something cosmetic. Some of my friends have had plastic surgery and each one of them either had complications that called for even more surgery, or the finished product was not what they had been led to believe it would look like. I am totally cool with non-surgical alternatives, like Botox, scrubs, massages, even zapping spider veins with a laser! Just, don’t put me to sleep. Please.

  7. I think that this is my favorite momversation yet! I have often wondered about the viability of plastic surgery in reversing some of my aging issues and your discussion brought up a lot of the questions that I have had. Thank you for making your videos relevant and entertaining!

  8. good points. all.
    Lynn, that does sound terrible. surgery not to be taken lightly. After I am done nursing I would do botox again, but will see I might be too chicken for anything else.
    it can take a long time to heal even in good situations.

  9. One of my best friend’s a research, science-minded derm who views cosmetic dermatology with a seriously skeptical eye. He gives a thumbs up to botox, but not much else. Especially not the “fillers” – collagen, etc.

    Anywho – I’ll eventually rock some botox I’m sure. It ain’t permanent and if done right/in moderation can do wonders.

    Just not sure I could handle the needle…*Shudders*

  10. I dont know, maybe its just me, but in this economy, is this subject truly relevant? We have people losing their jobs left and right and this is what your talking about? Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but right now, this topic is not exactly resonating.

  11. Kendall, I had the same the thought when the idea was suggested to me. I could talk recession 24 -7. I decided sometimes it’s nice to take a brain vacation and go back to the good old days…of like 6 months ago!

  12. oh, and more on that point…one bit that I said that was cut out of this was if plastic surgery helped a woman make more money at her job who am I too judge. If there was a market for high end pregnant hookers I’d be on my back at an airport hotel with a Japanese businessman right now.

  13. I just had the spare tire removed from my lower abdomen as a necessary part of a recent abdominal surgery. The recovery took two painful months. I had to have constant help for three weeks due to the hip to hip incision. I could not take care of my own children, nor could I lift my Almost Twins until just recently. We also had to move them to big girl beds way too soon because I could not get them into their cribs.

    I still have pain in the lower abdomen and my muscles get fatigued easily. I’ve recently started working out at the gym and find I need to wear an abdominal brace to hold everything together in exercise class. (I had the ok from the surgeon to work out now.) I also need to constantly wear support garments to hold everything together for more months to come.

    That being said, I love the results. The before and after is dramatic. I had a HUGE lower stomach that just hung down and was so disgusting. It’s gone. My lower belly is now “flat”- for me it’s flat. It’s the flattest it’s ever been.

    I am done having kids and will continue to take care of my body to enhance the surgery. I don’t think I would have chosen this procedure if it wasn’t medically necessary. It really interrupted our lives and there’s no way I could afford a tummy tuck on my income. Nor is it necessary for my career.

    I am 38 and every day I see the lines between my eyes getting deeper. It bothers me but I won’t do anything about it because, again, I don’t work in entertainment. I totally understand it for those who do.

  14. Daphne, not only do you not look big to me, but you are one of those super cute pregnant moms who are slender everywhere except the baby bulge…so,be kind and gentle, girl :)

    as for plastic surgery – as we still have three (yikes!) teens to put through university, I only dream of the plastic surgery I’d have done – it wouldn’t be much (comparatively speaking), but it would perk up my 50 year old self…#1 temporary though it is,would be a dollop of Botox to the %^%$# crater between my eyes; I’d have a little lipo to the under-the-chin to firm things up, and I’d like a slightly slimmer nose. A brow lift would be great,but since I wouldn’t chance looking like Cat Woman,I doubt I’d actually have it done. I work in a hospital Recovery Room,and know a little something about complications and overly confident,below par surgeons.

    I’m afraid I haven’t yet reached that ‘ higher ground’ of middle age where some women wax poetic about how they’ve earned every line and wrinkle,celebrate them,and revel in “knowing ” themselves and who they are….really? some days,I feel far less confident than the 3 teenagers I’m surrounded by. Maybe that’s a good thing,maybe it means I’ve learned to look at things from all sides and can see different points of view….or it could be that I’m just a confused, perimenopausal fence-sitter…

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