Bigger, Bigger

I’m up 25 pounds now.  34 weeks.   I still feel pretty good.  My biggest bother is the leg cramps.  They’re in my calf mostly. They can wake me up and ache all day.  I ate a banana smoothie for dinner last night.  Hope it helps. I should be walking more.  But if I don’t run out before Vivien wakes up, I hear screams of “mommy, mommy” as I rush out the door . So I go back to my coffee and bagel.

Bigger, Bigger

Junior is so mellow, I got worried the other day.  My daughter really beat me up before.  My doctor said to lie down for an hour and count at least ten movements. Then it meant he was fine.  The first 20 minutes while I watched an old interview with Joe Biden (catching up on Tivoed news shows), he didn’t move at all, and I was freaked.  Then by the time Biden said the economy was worse than they had thought (uh, yeah, we all realized that, didn’t we?), Junior was starting to boogie. I felt much better.

People keep saying “Are you ready?”  Gosh, are you ever?

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  1. I went through the same no baby movement with my second and she is still that way. My first was always moving, kicking and poking me, I swear I was black and blue from her. She’s twelve now and still doesn’t sleep much and always ready to go. She likes to keep busy. Our second would be happy in bed all day. She is laid back with an easy does it attitude. It takes her forever to get ready for the day. Drives me insane!

  2. I agree with Angie…drink anything cold. That usually gets them going.

    My boys were both very active,and this one is too. They would play with me and insist on attention. Both the girls were very laid back and quiet and if I tried to play with them or get them to move they would freeze, or try to hide…i don’t know.

    I’m 33 weeks and only gained 5 lbs, but then I was 60 lbs overweight before pregnancy so I am HUGE. And I never gain weight anyway until the 7th month.

    At least you look cute, though you probably don’t feel that way. I don’t know any expecting woman who does feel that way.

  3. Have you ever heard about the old “soap under the sheets” for leg cramps? You’re supposed to put a bar of soap near you in the bed, under the sheets and when you get a leg cramp, move it near the soap. All of the old timers here in the mountains where I live swear by it. I had terrible leg cramps when I was pregnant – but back then I didn’t know about the soap. So, if you decide to try it, let me know if it works 🙂

  4. This is what wikianswers says:

    Most leg cramp maladies can be associated with dehydration and depletion of potassium. Gator-ade has sodium chloride, which replenishes lost potassium, as well as rehydrates. Amazingly enough, most bar soaps also contain sodium chloride. During sleep, it is absorbed through the skin from the bar of soap.

    Who knows though. I’m a bit skeptical…

  5. I had the two things you speak of with my 3rd. What helped me was calcium right before bed for my leg cramps–TUMS and stuff, or a big glass of milk. It helped. For the “quiet baby”, I spent so much time scared with my last…I hardly felt anything. My doctor told that was b/c much much MUUUUCh more stretched our ligaments and muscles, so movements are looser since baby’s quarters aren’t newly tight anymore, like they are with a first baby. Also, to drink some high sugar stuff like orange juice, to get him moving around. Worked everytime. Good luck. Love your top, you look lusciously pregnant..beautiful.

  6. Wow, you look wonderful! I am a couple days shy of 31 weeks and have also been suffering with the leg cramps, although not as bad this time as with my first. The other night I had one in the back of my knee – didn’t even know you could get one there – not fun! Hang in there and looking forward to reading future posts!

  7. Well I think you look great for 34wks.My God I was so much bigger than that with my last child. So relaz,kick your feet when you can.Best of luck to you and your family.
    PS.Cute top..where did you find that?

  8. love reading all these comments. thanks. bar of soap? who would have thunk??
    That top was a home run. 10 bucks at motherhood maternity.
    bought for holiday time.
    The cramps have been much better the last couple of days. trying to drink more water.

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