Who Would Buy a Bratz?

Why would any mom buy their daughter a Bratz doll? This lady did and then discovered the doll had the word “Enter” on her belt buckle. But the outrageous lips and hooker outfit were okay?

I was so glad when Mattel won the Bratz case. I think like Bush/Cheney and Bernie Madoff, the people who manufactured the Bratz deserved to be punished. No one made people buy the dolls, right? Yes, but we arrest drug dealers as well. They don’t make people buy drugs, but there is a consensus that society could run more smoothly without them. No fit on the toy store floor would make me buy one of these trampy dolls.

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It’s hard not to tell my daughter that she is beautiful. One thing that I so admire about her is that she hates when I call her that. “No, mommy, I’m smart, strong, and brave.” My thought: Yes, of course you are, and that is what I should be reinforcing in you. Her own innate survival skills are already superior to my own. I’ll buy her the smart, strong, and brave doll. The one who can fix things, doesn’t run up her credit card, is honest to people, graduates from a good college. And doesn’t have Lisa Rinna lips.

18 thoughts on “Who Would Buy a Bratz?

  1. Oh these dolls are never allowed in my house. And the princesses are the gateway drug. First the characters are just sweet and useless and in need of a prince to rescue them, then come the hooker dolls with ENTER belts.

    I don’t care how many times she watches Dora, at least the girl has some brains and is trying to accomplish something!

    I’m gonna see if I can get her a Michelle Obama doll. Law school, public service, mother. Hmmmm. Sounds about right.

  2. I agree! I don’t have a daughter, but if I did I’d never buy her one nor would I accept one from someone else. Sorry. They look like little tarts and they are ugly. 😉

  3. love princess as the “gateway” doll. trying to keep a lid on those as well. tough though. I’m with you on the Michelle Obama doll. I think it’s hard since you have to get older before you see how much more useful it is to be educated than have big titties.

  4. Well…I felt the same way…still do to some extent. But just wait until the birthday parties where someone gives her that first Bratz/Barbie doll. And she loves it.

    I admit, I gave in. And you know what, after a couple weeks of playing with them (yes we had lots for a while) they have ended up broken or just ignored and never used.

    When we moved, I got rid of a whole bunch, letting my 2 girls (age 9 & 5) pick 2 each that they insisted were favorites. (How can it be a favorite toy when it is never played with?)

    What I don’t allow, however, are the movies/shows to be watched. Barbie ‘Nutcracker’ oh please! Let’s watch the real ballet w/ Baryshnikov.

    It’s important for us all to feel “smart, strong, & brave” those, and other good qualities, are what make us beautiful.

    Playhouse Disney is good for the tots, but watch out for the regular Disney shows. Hannah Montana, Waverly Place…all about getting the guy/girl as well as placing importance on popularity in high school. As if my pre-teen needs to be focusing on that…NOT!

    Ahhh…the twisted world we live in!

  5. I feel like such a terrible mom, what is wrong with me? I never suspected my girls would make any sort of connection between a plastic doll and themselves. Of course, I have dreams for better dolls, with more room for the children to explore all those centuries of fashion. But that might involve scissors, and etsy stores full of fabric. Too much of a risk.

    And here I was just proud of myself for embracing feet that snapped off at the ankles. Ooh, now I’m having flashbacks of my first horror movie (Misery). Anyone know where I can sell a hundred and fifty “no longer available” dolls?

    Maybe I’ll list them under Bratz retro.

  6. Regarding the Barbie movies, which someone saw as more evil than Bratz dolls, I would just add my considered review: I find these FAR preferable in terms of showing my daughter that women are strong and independent, than half the Disney tripe that most of us grew up with (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White) etc. In almost every movie we own (and we own many), the heroine is the one who saves the day and/or chooses her independence over the “insta-marriage” offered at the end of the movie. And while we do expose our daughter to serious theater as well, her interests, like a little crow, are primarily found in bright sparkly things, like the long flowing barbie hair and beautiful sparkly dresses and accessories they wear. I think that little girls naturally go through a “princess” stage — and that it plays into their growing sense of power and self-control to act the part. Unlike Barbies, however, Bratz dolls appeal to overly contemporary trampy values — lots of skin showing, etc. Nothing regal there…

    Just my two cents…

  7. Those computer animated Barbie movies are among my favorites, too! They graphics are fantastic and those songs, I’m dancing around my living room singing them with my daughter.

    “I’m just like you, you’re just like me…”

  8. I’m a first time mom. My baby girl is just a month and a few days old…Hearing this from you guys worries me a lot. A lot of young girls really have fascinations you know.. Especially when they get to see their friends brag about their ‘princess dolls’ and all that…Which leaves your child wanting her own doll.. Sheesh.. I’ll be careful to instill to my child the right values she should be having.. And yeah, I go for the Michelle Obama doll instead. :p

  9. I love hearing what all you mom’s of daughters have to say on it.
    I’m sure one can overreact… I loved Barbies’ but never thought to get Torpedo breasts implanted on me.
    I agree about Hannah Montana, etc. Girls Miley Cyrus’s age wouldn’t be caught dead watching those shows, but the 6 year old love em.
    We all like to be pretty I guess we need to emphasize the full package. If Michele Obama had worn an oversized tunic and sweats to the swearing in I would have been bummed. Advanced degree and nice dress..gosh, woman have so much pressure.

  10. Icay – i feel you but I think you will soon learn that while you can instill “values,” you cannot dictate what your children are drawn to and like. I’m a working mom, and a lawyer. My best “values” instillation comes from modeling my own strong behavior. Yet, she is as princess-obsessed (insists we call her Princess Analiesse, or Aurora, depending), barbie doll interested, as I’ve ever seen. We got her a baby doll (and my preference is still for when she plays with baby dolls because she gets to practice being so kind and loving, as opposed to being so clothing and hair obsessed, as with the barbies) for xmas when she was 11 mos old, believing she would never know what it was for months. Our video from that morning was as hilarious as it was surprising. She chanted “baby, baby, baby,” over and over, the entire time I struggled to disentangle the baby from the box (which, as some may know, takes at least 10 mins and 2 power tools). For the entirety of the 2nd year of her life, she has insisted on having some babydoll or another in her presence at all times. I bought her trucks, and puzzles, and blocks. Zero interest. Not giving up, this year I bought her a cool “sciency” toy for xmas that has gears and a magnetic board and it spins and you connect different gears together to, at a VERY preliminary level, explore basic “systems.” She opened it, looked at the box, which feature a boy holding it, and exclaimed “this is a BOY toy,” while pushing it to the side. The good news is that she has since taken to playing with it — but my point is that, I came to the parenting table convinced my daughter could “be taught” not to be a girly girl, and have learned that your kids are who they are, innately, and they are, in many cases, instictively drawn to things that we might assume they have been gender-typed into playing with. All you can do is try to expose them to everything and give them opportunities to explore who they want to be…but I think you’re kidding yourself if you think you can determine the outcome.

    Jessica, – have you seen Diamond Castle yet? OMG – my daughter will sing her bloody heart out to Katherine McPhee’s “connected” in a way that brings me to my knees every time — soooo earnest!

  11. My girls’ FAVORITE toys are dry erase boards, felt dolls, and magnetic dolls. Those have ended up being the staples in our household…oh, and I laminate paper dolls for more dry erase fashion designing pleasure. I figure, they will never be able to escape the fashion industry’s sway…might as well figure out while their young that it’s not just about belly buttons showing, it’s also about line and shape. And polka dots, and stripes, and zig zags…fascinating to watch them explore the TRUE elements of fashion.

    Lisa, Diamond Castle is on our list to see. Those movies have the BEST SINGERS, powerful voices that make you want to be as free and convicted to values as they are…the theme always seems to be “like me for me.”

    But back to the Michelle Obama dolls, sign me up. And I’ll take two daughter characters so long as J Crew designs the fashions.

    Daphne, talk to your people, would ya?

  12. PLEASE…don’t hang me out to dry…I love you Daphne! I almost 100% agree with you…I know…mathmatically impossible.
    Bratz, Dora, Barbie, Disney Princesses….they all really creep me out. The shows she seems to enjoy the most are the ones that don’t actually make me want to slit my throat….Little Bear and Caillou. I let her watch Zaboomafoo and Barney but I have to be running the vaccuum at the same time if I don’t want to bloody the carpets.
    It’s easy to shut down any “demands” she has now, she’s only 2. I guess I may have a different experience when she grows into her stubborness that I know is coming.
    BTW…where are the Sarah Palin dolls? What a woman! (See paragraph one.)

  13. For a Sarah Palin doll check out


    She just needs a pair of glasses.

    I already have one set away for my daughter’s birthday!

    I think princesses and Barbies are miles away from the horror of Bratz. Princesses are ladies, complete with manners and a discrete wardrobe. Barbie has had every job under the sun including being a mom. Not a bad role model. Plus the bods on the Barbies have completely changed since I was a kid. I little bigger in the hips and smaller in the boobs. Much more realistic.

  14. Bratz dolls piss me off. Don’t even get me started.

    @Lisa- it’s so true! We’ve tried to expose our sons (ages 3 and 1) to a variety of toys, both “boy” toys and “girl” toys, but you can’t dictate what they’ll love. The little guy’s still into baby toys (or anything he’s not supposed to have), but the older one’s so into cars, trucks and trains, it’s ridiculous. Even when he was too young to understand what they were, he loved them. I’m happy to say he also loves his stuffed toy “fwends,” but the baby doll I gave him? I think he stepped on its head and threw it on the floor.

    I wonder where that doll is. Hmmmm…

  15. Thank goodness I have a boy?!?! OK… some of the toys are just as bad honestly (violent and that is worse).
    However in relation to the topic I am totally shocked by the toys available for young kids today- Bratz especially!!! They are beyond obnoxious and I’d much rather deal with Barbie and her waist Issues than Bratz because there seems to such an attitude behind these toys.

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