Snooze Time

Wow, I’m in a new final stretch of this pregnancy. I’ve been hit by the tired stick. I usually wake up with energy early and get stuff done before work or before my family wakes up. Now I reluctantly wake up. And by 1pm, I can barely keep my eyes open. If I eat some protein, I can last another hour or two, but if I haven’t slept by 4 I think I will collapse.  For a while, an hour nap would set me; now an hour feels like a tease. I’ve been having a babysitter come in the afternoon so I can nap.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m neglecting my daughter, but it’s probably no good if I fell asleep under the swing set.

Oh, and they are back!  My pregnancy arm rash or as I call it, arm acne. Not as bad as with Vivien, but not great. Itchy arms… I have to sleep in a cold room, or I will rip my skin off.

Other than that, I feel fine.

6 thoughts on “Snooze Time

  1. OMG. I’m so glad you mentioned the arm acne thing… I had that at around 30 weeks pregnant (i’m 38 weeks now) near my right shoulder down my arm. It’s since gone away, but, what the hell?!?!

  2. It could be PUPPS ( check out this link ) this site says it may be related to having a boy, but I was told it was a reaction to the preg hormones. It was worse with my first ( a boy) and not so bad w/ my second (a girl) but that may have been because I caught it in time.

    I had it with my first 2. To get rid of it, my midwife for #1 had me take 3 aspirin the first day, 2 the next, and 1 for the next 3 days. It went away ne’er to return.

    For #2, when I recognized the rash coming, I immediately took a couple aspirin and it went away.

    Yea, yea…not really suppose to take aspirin if prego, because it’s an anti-blood clotting agent, however…are you really going to go into labor today? I figured getting rid of the itch was worth the risk. Aspirin won’t harm the baby.

    Anyway…that’s my 2 cents…

  3. You’re in the final stretch, that’s reason to celebrate. I’ll have an alcoholic beverage in your honor 😉 Hate gin though, must never have had the good stuff.

  4. arm acne unite! I had it MUCH worse with my daughter. the only that helped was chinese herbs. but the scars are still there. it’s just feel like my arms are on fire.
    wish I could get rid on the scars.

    doc says I can take a little sippy now…and I have.

  5. Who cares about the arm acne, you still look adorable!!! If I were a guy, I would so be into pregnant women. You look wonderful, and take those naps. I did…your body’s doing a lot of work, and needs the rest. Also, Big also, you won’t be able to indulge in those naps once baby’s here…so sleep away.

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