Obama Mamas

Look, no one is happier than me that Bush is GONE.  I cried when the Supreme Court appointed him in ’00; I cried when he was elected in ’04.  I’ve been driving around with this sticker on my car for years…

Hmm… guess it’s time to take it off.  I voted for Obama and am happy he is President for historic and political changes.  But I can’t get in a lather about it.

My sister-in-law recently sent me all these political cartoons that should produce an “aw.”  Lincoln and MLK proud of President Obama, that ilk.  But I think now the combination of a very long campaign and the economy really hitting the fan has made this political junkie jaded and beat. Yeah, idealism is great, but can we please try to avoid double digit unemployment?  My job has been reduced; my husband is having to work hard to keep his business competitive in this new environment.  My condo in Florida is such a dog I’m begging someone to take it off my hands… no matter the loss.  I’m seeing more empty store fronts around my neighborhood.  So, big historical speeches. Yawn.

I like the more regulations for finance industry, the freeing up abortion rights, etc.  Keep it coming.  But do I keep having to listen to Will.I. Am?  I hope not.

Rah, rah, show me the money.

6 thoughts on “Obama Mamas

  1. I know, I know…let’s see some action. My sons and I are reading about the 1st depression (haha) and I am just dumbfounded by how exact the situation is to 2009. What FDR had to come in and do was end prohibition to create jobs, and close every single bank in America. Interesting reading, and the child like level helps me understand. What I gathered is that Obama needs NEW ideas, the same old didn’t and isn’t doing it.

  2. I’ve noticed that too, how much longer will we sustain the rah rah, amidst all the frightening and real news. And also, how much extra work it takes for our President to have to keep being edgy and cool, just to fulfill our visions of him as our hip-hop savior. It sounds exhausting.

    Yet, with the community spirit Barack has brought into office with him, I don’t think it will be long before everyone receives the affirmation they need, and as a united people, we can continue to manufacture and maintain the vibe of coolness that our founders intended from the moment they birthed our rockin’ nation.

    Basically, I’m not putting my pom-poms away anytime soon. It feels better than the lag I rode all through fall and Christmas, and as a happy side effect, I have more energy to spread my love through regular habits, like shopping.

  3. I’m still having hard time with younger friends, who are marveling for the first time that there isn’t a Bush or Clinton in the white house…..yea, the nepotism of that office was getting infuriating.

    I, too, am ready for this new era to get started. Yesterday, 68,000 jobs lost…..OUCH!!!!! I do not envy this new administrations mess to clean up, but I am wondering about this stimulus Barrack is trying to get through. After witnessing how that other stimulus is being spent, (luxury private jet and office fixtures) I have 0 confidence that our tax dollars are being spent properly.

    On that note, anyone with a Citibank card should sent a note instead of a payment saying “yea, that Luxury plane you just bought…..I helped pay for that with my tax money. Theres your payment.”

  4. Kendall, that is the best idea I have heard ALL week. I love it.

    Yes, I found last Tuesday hard to be excited about. The only emotion I had was sobbing tears of joy when I realized that Jackhole who ruined our country, and the nasty felonious goon at his side (Dick, not Laura!) were OUT.

    All I can say is, good luck Mr. President. We need you to do it right. Whatever IT may be.

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