I Keep On Falling…

…in love? Actually off my porch. I did this earlier in my pregnancy (like 5 months) and got a deep gash in my right shin. This time I got an even longer and deeper gash in my right shin (could I look more pasty white?).

I had boots on that had no tread; it was raining, and I slipped on my slick porch. You know when you can feel yourself going down? At least this time I didn’t break my fall with my wrist like last time and give myself another injury. And I did not land on my big belly. Phew.

Vivien and Mark were with me. As I lay on the ground on my back crying, Viv said about 6 times, “You are going to have big gash”. Between my tears I finally growled, “You’ve said that 6 times.” When someone falls, I think it’s best if people:

1) assess if there is serious injury

2) make soft sympathetic noises

3) help the person who fell up

4) more sympathetic words

5) first aid

then you can mention the size of my gash ONCE.

Well, thirty pounds hanging over my belt is bound to make me a little off kilter.  Ha, who am I kidding.  I haven’t worn a belt in a long time.

5 thoughts on “I Keep On Falling…

  1. I fell all the time when I was pregnant- something about the “loose hips” combined with the shifting center of gravity. Loose hips? Isn’t that how we get there in the first place? Seriously, hope you stay on your feet for the remainder..

  2. I recall falling down once while pregnant, and once while holding a newborn, and yes, she landed right on her face. It was icy steps and it felt like slow motion, but I guess that’s adrenaline for you…I thought I was setting her down as gently as possible as we flew through the air. She had much damage to her face, great first time mom experience, and you?

    The time I fell while pregnant. I was simply standing still, and then I just went with the fall. Maybe it was low blood sugar, or high proteins or something. But BOOM, there’s nothing much louder than a fat pregnant woman’s falling onto 80 year old wooden floors.

    Nice gash by the way.

  3. Jessica, that sounds horrible!! god, that would be rough ( see Vlog “hurting my kid”.
    I have one correction to what I wrote..it was Mark who kept saying, “you have a gash.” Vivien was sweet and said, “you’re okay mommy.”

  4. I know….nothing makes me madder or puts me in a worse mood than getting hurt. It just makes me so crabby…try vitamin E oil so you don’t scar up too much. Poor thing.Neosporin is good, too..

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