On Momversation: Momnesia

So,  I was thinking I didn’t really suffer from momnesia anymore, but the gal who runs the Momversation site had to remind me 5 times that this vlog was coming up and that I really should write an intro for it.  So maybe I should reconsider my position.
How about you; how is your brain?

3 thoughts on “On Momversation: Momnesia

  1. I totally have momnesia. I have a 13, 9 and 16 mnth old. I don’t get enough sleep or take my vitamins and I’m sure that’s why. I work, come home take care of the kids and my husband of 10 yrs whom I adore (which can be a kid too) but he is always reminding of something. When everyone is in bed I can’t fall asleep and just watch TV, read a book or jump on my laptop. I don’t get to bed until 12:30 everynight and it’s draining. I have to get more sleep but it’s hard especially being a night person (I’m wide awake at night no matter what time I wake up in the morning).

    I feel so scatter brained I forget things all the time and remember when I’m in the middle of doing something but then forget again. Before leaving the house I go back inside at least 4 times to grab either my purse, cell phone, keys, bottles, diaper bag, switch my slippers to my shoes, jackets and the list goes on and on. The same at work. I try to take vitamins but I even forget that too.

    Once I went to the mall and left my car door wide open the whole time I was in the mall and came back to an open car door. I remembered the baby was crying so when I parked I got out the car and went straight to him. Then I grabbed his stroller and diaper bag and forgot to close my door. I was amazed that no one closed the door.

    When I was going to school I left my car running for 4 hours.

    I don’t know if this is momnesia but I had a coworker who is a close friend of mine say ‘Cindy is your shirt inside out’.

    I’ve done so many silly things none endangering my children but I have to stop and really think. I have to say things are getting better as the baby gets older but as long as I’m running around like a chicken without a head trying to be everywhere and do everything I’m bound to forget things.

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