On Momversation: Plastic Surgery

If you ever had a moment alone in the morn to look up close at a mirror as the morning sun streams in through your window, you’ve had the pleasure of seeing every fold and crevice that has developed on your face. Let’s not even talk about the horror of when you catch a from-behind mirror shot of your butt. Yeah, what happened there?

So, has it ever gone through your aging head to have any work done? Do you judge those that have? I ask the moms and we versate!


For the last few years I’ve been doing an online show for Fox.com called “24 inside.” It’s for the fans of “24.” We shoot a few shows a year where I interview the cast and crew of the suspense-filled show. Sometimes we go on the set, and the other night I went to their premiere. Now, I might be in danger for saying this, but I have already watched 21 out of the 24 hours of the new season! I think it is the best season since season 4. They are finally out of LA; how many times can terrorist threaten Van Nuys?

The cast and crew are always nice to me. If you go to the website, you can see me interviewing back to season 3. The first show I did was with Carlos Bernard and his onscreen wife. We were doing our own studio show in the valley, in the heat of the summer, and the AC was not up and running. So, you will notice the actors and me starting to melt.

At the red carpet event the other night, the producers were all, “Hey you are pregnant again, congrats!” My opening line with Kiefer was that he was a parent at the school my stepson attends. Little parental ice breaker. Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) looked great. She has a five month old, and she couldn’t believe I was so close to delivering. We were gabbing mom talk in this junket room full impatient publicists clicking away on their Blackberrys. I finally had to start asking her about the show.

Daphne and Jon Voight

Later at the red carpet for the show debut I had to play fan with Jon Voight, Oscar winner. I told him how much I loved Coming Home. He was very nice and asked me how many kids I have. “Good for you,” he said as we parted. I was not one of the tacky reporters who asked him about Angelina. He was there to promote his show, and it just seemed childish and invasive.

As I drove from one interview location to the party with my makeup artist TC, we realized we were having fun. I was so glad to be working again after weeks of no work, and I NEVER get out. TC agreed, “I’d be home with my dogs.” Great to get dolled up even if it’s to only go to the outside of a party.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Visits Cool Mom

Garcelle was such a sweetheart when she visited the Fashion Team the other week. Naturally beautiful, she certainly didn’t look worse for the wear for having twins. She also has a teenage son, Oliver, from a previous marriage.  She has been the young mom and now the older mom. I told her my joke that if I met a mom who is under 35, I think they have been slipped a Roofie. She then told me a story that happened a couple of years ago. She was at an event when Kimora Lee Simmons walked by with a reality TV crew in tow. During their small talk, Kimora asked her how old Garcelle’s son was.

“16,” she replied.

“Oh, my God,” Kimora screamed as the cameras rolled. “Were you raped?”

A real bull in a China shop. But since so many professional women defer child-bearing (like myself), not unsurprising. Here I ask Garcelle some Cool Mom questions.

Who Wants These Big Clothes?

I’m thinking ahead… By about 6-8 weeks, shouldn’t I sell my maternity clothes online?  Not the milk-stain-on-the-breast, $10 Motherhood Maternity t-shirt, but the nice A Pea In the Pod ones I splurged on.  Those pants and dresses were $200 plus.  God, that’s so 2008.  For 2009, it’s about resale!

I found this site, gently used.com, where moms can sell their duds and children’s clothes.  Although, some of these ladies need their hormones adjusted.  A used Old Navy or Motherhood top for $10?  Isn’t that what it is new?  I think this site needs me.

Has anyone done this before or EBay?  I’m new to the virtual garage sale world.

After Vivien, I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep reproducing. But now, it’s for sure the swan song to pregnancy, so clothing-wise, come and get it!

Baby Boy!
Creative Commons License photo credit: MQuimayousie

Block Party

One of the things I love about where I live is that we have a block party.  My part of the block is known as being slackers, so I kept shouting “I’m a joiner” as soon as I moved in.  Cut to myself and two other gals who organized the whole thing.  It was great.  But what would have made it better is if the community had invested in some name tags or stickers before the big event.

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It suddenly occurred to me that I am really pregnant.  I think a second shower would be excessive, especially as many are feeling the economic pinch.  Also, I can’t see how I could pay for the kind of big party I would like to throw for my soon-to-be born son.

So, I took a cue from my neighbor Cara, and I am throwing a potluck.  I’m calling it an “He’s almost here!” party.  We are doing cocktails, which will also be fun for my husband, as he is soon opening an artisan-style cocktail bar (pre-prohibition; no crappy sweet and sour mix).  I asked people to bring a dish or a bottle of wine.  So far, the response has been great.

Mark felt a little funny about it, having a potluck when he is a chef, but I talked him into it.  1) Cara just did a potluck that was fun and didn’t feel like a crappy church social and 2) I explained that given our budget, the only alternative would be 6 people and a pizza. And which 6 would you choose?

Cara gave me some good pot luck tips:

1) Have extra serving tools. She says she didn’t have enough last time.

2) If you know what people are bringing beforehand, make up cards or labels. Having a sign that says, “Mary’s Veggie Lasagna” will look a bit more polished.

3) When people come in, slap a sticky on their pan. Cara said that after her last party, she spent 4 days calling people saying, “Did you leave a rectangular Pyrex pan?” I mean who hasn’t?

4) If you are planning ahead (which I am not; my guest got a crude Evite and less than two weeks notice), you can stick a note on each invite like “Bring Appetizer” or for your good-cook friends, “Bring Main”.

Now, what to wear…

New Baby Help

As I joyfully and nervously await the arrival of my baby son, I am trying to gear up.  Ideally, I would calm my jitters by employing a fleet of nannies 24/7, but alas, this is not the year for that!

Creative Commons License photo credit: D3 San Francisco

I’m trying one tactic with friends and family, saying straight out: When the baby comes, I will need your help, please! Holding him so I can shower, keeping me company during marathon nursing, playing with Vivien. I also would love to have a food service deliver 3 meals a day and later a personal trainer to get me out of bed 3 times a week. Unfortunately, that is not a realistic 2009 plan. So, maybe I should just ask folks for a casserole and friendly walk when I can. I am starting to be more upfront about this because I do remember how hard and isolating those first 3 months can be… and how that can lead to postpartum depression.

I’m not Mama Walton, and that scares me. I know I need some help. What helped you when your baby was new?