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Where is it written that there must be pastels and mobiles around babies? For Viv’s nursery, the theme was South Beach. No, I couldn’t figure out a way to get some gleaming hard homosexual bodies in there… Ah, I wish I had tried, but I did paint it in the colors that evoke the place, including a wall that had three shades of blue like the Atlantic ocean. I love Miami Beach and used to have a place there. It’s also where Vivien was conceived.

Junior’s origins are less romantic, more run-of-the-mill domestic life.  So what am I to do, a room with the theme, “Are you asleep yet??” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I think the decor of a baby’s room is much more about mom. I paid some good cash to have a mural painted in Vivien’s present room (not the room in which she was a baby).  It’s lovely: flowers, trees, owls. But even if I say to her, “Viv, look at your mural,” she’s unimpressed.  She is much more excited when I bring home a $4 dollar plastic toy from the supermarket. So this time, I’m not knocking myself out.

10 thoughts on “No Nursery Nursery

  1. I agree with you I think that’s a really great idea. There will be plenty of time to decorate it with kid things when your little one is older and shows interest in a cartoon character of some kind. 🙂

  2. Thought it said pasties not pastels in baby’s room. Very confused. ANYWAY. I kept my daughter’s room very gender neutral and not kiddy/baby, and it has totally paid off, now that she is 3.5 and has the bunk beds. Her big brother loves to sleep over, and have his sleep over parties in her room, with no complaints about ‘its too girly in there.”

    Your room is great. Hopefully baby won’t puke on those pretty curtains.

  3. Yeah, agreed. When I was pregnant everyone kept asking what the theme of my son’s room would be and I was like, huh? And when we moved him from a co-sleeper bed to the crib in his room, I was really irritated at my cutesy choices for crib bedding, finally got the pirate theme, haha. I think having all the baby decor is quite overrated.

  4. When people asked me what my “theme” was for the nursery, I said, “homemade” 🙂 His room is painted blue, but really nothing in a “theme” We have a quilt that his grandma made for him and it makes it special. There will be more time for decorating when he cares more.

  5. We are going through this same discussion in our house right now. Our daughter is 19 months old (and I’m 16 weeks pregnant), and she has never had “her own room” so to speak. It has always been a combo of her bedroom and the office since we haven’t had enough room for both to be separate. We are almost done finishing our basement (can’t be done soon enough) so all of the office stuff (computer desk, filing cabinet, book shelf, etc.) will go downstairs and she will finally have her own space. I really want to make her room something special but have always hated themes and characters.

    I recently bought this great calendar of “Zen” flowers, and I love the pictures and was thinking of buying another one and framing some of the pictures for her room. The colors are very vibrant and I love the modern look of the flowers… and it would still be a “girl’s” room. Her dad hates the idea. He thinks we should do something more for a baby, and not something that mamas love. I want it to be something she can grow into and we won’t have to redo in 2 years! She’s not going to know the difference now anyways! In the meantime at least I finally bought some real curtains so we could take the tin foil off the windows. That’s a start, right?

  6. Once again, you are living my life! Our guest bedroom is on the chopping block, and while I never blinged it out with custom curtains (nice by the way!), I have been lamenting/feeling guilty about my utter lack of enthusiasm for decorating it. For my first, I was scouring the internet for those perfect, pastel/polka dot, letters of her name, obsessing over the “just perfect carpet” etc. Now, not wanting to repaint the guest bedroom, i’m like “so yellow’s fine for a little girl, RIGHT?” 🙂 It’s good. They won’t care or notice, and I totally agree, it’s ALL about mommy.

    I know it will all come together, ultimately, but i think it’s going to happen MUCH more slowly this time around. Plus, her big sister is being very cute about off-loading some of her more babyish toys (little horsey rocking horse etc.) into “baby sister’s room.” So maybe much less to do after all. . . we’ll see.

    Wonder if your different feelings are influenced by the baby’s gender Daphne? Do we feel differently about our little girls than little boys? I’m having a second girl, so don’t think that’s quite it for me, but just curious….

  7. good Lisa, girlie stuff is so cute. But, I think it has more to do with it being the second. Like I went through “doing a room up”. Now i’m a cranky pregnant woman

  8. I hate all that baby/character stuff. We did ours with Pottery Barn shower curtains (cut/sewn into bumper pads/valances) in green/yellow/blue and sage green walls. Worked great for the boy and then added some pink pillows and frames for the girl. Tada: two nurseries for two genders. Now it is a guest room and still looks cool.

  9. that all sounds perfectly nice if you’re going to reclaim the room (for the guest room or whatever), but if today’s nursery is tomorrow’s 8-year-old boy’s room, keeping the curtains is just an excercise in delusion…


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