He’s Almost Here!!

Yes, I do look slightly deranged here. ย My son is being delivered this Sunday the 15th at 10 a.m. ย Wish us well! I am getting very excited. Also, excited not to be so gassy.

This week I’m trying to get it all done. From taxes to highlights, from nails to food schedule. What’s a food schedule? Well, the joy of a scheduled C section is I have the next two weeks scheduled to the hour. As in, who is spending the night with Viv, who is picking her up from school, who is helping me when I get home. My husband goes back to work pretty fast, so I am signing up my girlfriends for lunch time help. The idea is they bring me a sandwich and hang out for a bit while I take a shower or what have you. I’m trying to be realistic about the start of this caring for a life thing.

So far, my friends have liked having a day picked for them. Instead of the general, “Call if you need help,” I say, “Okay, the 27th good for you?” I can’t pick up a phone once I’m in the trenches; I will just whimper.

So, I taped vlogs a head of time. So you will probably see me pregnant after I have delivered. I am going to post a picture of my boy and me from the hospital if i can get someone to upload it. I will show the world what a real new mom looks like. LIKE HELL!

17 thoughts on “He’s Almost Here!!

  1. One good thing about scheduling the delivery is you don’t have to play the waiting game. I have 2 more weeks til his due date, but since we are not going to have a C-section or schedule inducement, of course I don’t know exactly when and I am sooooooo ready to have my body back!

    Good luck with everything! And congrats, in advance!

  2. Many great wishes for a painless IV, respectful and spiritual birth, and easy recovery. I’m due about 3 months after you, by which time i expect you will have figured out precisely how to balance preschool and newborndom, and to have imparted it to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be thinking about you and wishing you well.

  3. Best Wishes! May everything go quickly and smoothly, I hate that waiting around when you’re ready to go and get it done. Love the idea of scheduling friends for help.

  4. Congratulations. That’s quite a Valentine’s day (plus 1) present.

    Food schedule? Give yourself at least a month or so before you think about that again and if anyone calls and asks if they can help, see the baby?, get you anything? Ask for meals!

    Bon appetit.

    Leah Klein

  5. Alright…to update my above comment, I thought you had me beat by a couple weeks.

    Surprise, surprise for us, Xavier came today(2 weeks early!) With a labor of 1 hr 20 min, my hubbie missed it (he’s out of the country this weekend) my mom missed it (she scheduled to fly in but not for a few days) And I almost missed it. I went to the midwife just for a check up and we discovered I was at 4 cm, losing the mucus plug, and my water had broken and was just slowly dripping out.

    What a whirlwind of a day it has been!

    Good luck with you tomorrow and God Bless you and the little one!

  6. congrats Stephanie. and what a short labor!!!! Lucky girl. I love the name Xavier…might need to add that to my list.

    Thanks everyone for well wishes… excited, nervous..excited…

  7. Its 9:45 Sunday morning and I am just getting around to reading posts from the last few days and there you are saying that you are having a baby in 15 minutes!! How wonderful! Good Luck and Congratulations in advance!!!

  8. You don’t look deranged, you just look like Whitney’s mom (from the City). Not that that show features acting, or actors. Or pitifully unartistic farmhands, named um…Jay’s frenemy.

  9. I just (as of today) found this website and was snared in by the anti-circ video of yours. I started reading a bit and found this about your scheduled c-section. I will probably have to go back to find out why you were having a cesarean but it’s more than a little strange that you’re so anti-circ but pro-cesarean.

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