18 thoughts on “I Feel Better Than I Thought

  1. Oh, I forgot to ask. What kind of makeup are you wearing? It looks virtually translucent (though radiant, don’t get me wrong!) So, you got the staff wrapped around your finger, hug? They’re gonna miss you!!!

  2. Welcome Rex!
    You two look so amazing! You can hear it in your voice how good you are feeling. I think you will have an easier time adjusting to two kiddos than you think.

  3. I’m coming out of my normal “lurking” mode to say congrats and welcome to Rex! Daphne, I think your site is AWESOME and you are AMAZING! I love coming here everyday to get my daily dose of cool mom…it makes my job as a mom and wife so much more fun!
    Hope you continue to feel great!

  4. Girls, you are rockin’ the new mom attitude! Relieved, happy it went well, lucid, and sporting the coveted newborn baby complete with newborn baby-scented head. If I would there I would shower you with Godivas and then try to walk off with Rex.

  5. hi, first time at computer and typing one handed. thanks for all the good wishes. rex is sleeping on my chest. im waiting for my husband to have dinner ready. oy vey.. it;s 7:19…maybe its better if he does go back to work

  6. Comment No. 1: Rex and my brother share the same middle name….No. 2. You look great – I would never have allowed a video camera in my hospital room! No. 3: Try having your husband work from home, eh hem :)

  7. Congratulations Daphne on the birth of your healthy beautiful son Rex!

    Bless you for not amputating your son’s prepuce just so his penis would have to match his dads. He will thank you some day when he finds out that in 2009 about HALF the parents in our beloved U.S.A. consented to elective surgery to have their newborn son’s sensitive, healthy prepuce painfully amputated and thrown in the garbage (or sold to some biotech company) ! What pisses me off is how hospital staff approach parents of newborn boys and nonchalantly ask “Do you want your boy circumcised” They ask it like a waitress would ask if you’d like cream with your coffee! Sick hey? Did any hospital staff ask and approach you with a consent form to sign? If so, what did you say? I hope you weren’t polite or civil !

    Like you, I just don’t “get it” when it comes to sane people (parents & doctors) who own and take responsibility for cutting off parts of little boys’ normal, healthy penises.
    Best Regards and Many Blessings from an intact intactivist U.S. male.

  8. Hi Daphne,
    Congratulations on the arrival of your darling new little boy!

    I clicked on your link,thinking “Hm,I wonder if Daphne’s had her baby yet? It feels around the time…” And,lo and behold, there you were! Your wait is over :)

    I can’t wait to hear all the cute Big Sister Vivien stories…I’m sure there’ll be more than a few to work with!

  9. Congrats on REX-MAX, who will obviously be getting a lot of T-Rex baby toys. You are very good to vlog from your hospital room and you look great. Good luck with the next few weeks!

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