6 thoughts on “Primping for Surgery

  1. And here I’d thought you were scheduling a facelift, or some sort of tummy tuck…not that you’d need another one. Kidding, Daphe!

    You look gorgeous, and luckier than most moms, you also look glamorous. Work that lighting!!!

  2. I decided not to care about my hair or makeup when my little one was born- and boy, do I regret it! I don’t want to even look at the pictures of her and I when I was in the hospital! I look terrible! You better believe that with the next one, I’ll be using some concealer and lipgloss!

  3. I did the same thing! A week before I was due I went and had a pedicure, eyebrows waxed and the best part, I had my eyelashes dyed. That was the best decision! I have blond hair so without eye make up I look like a zombie. I looked great in my post delivery pictures. My husband gave me a bad time about the pedicure but I told him if I am going to have to stare at my puffy gross feet while I am in labor, I am going to make sure I have some pretty nails to look at.

  4. I too primped before my C-section – hair done, make-up, eyebrows…the whole nine. Then – I got sick on the OR table, puked in my hair (no shower cap was provided) and had to suffer through three days with one side of my head all crusty and nasty because they wouldn’t let me shower. Such a wasted effort!

  5. the one problem with my plan is now I have chipped paint, and nasty nails and still haven’t gotten to the salon. so I think a no polish mani is the way to go.
    puke hair, good story. I puked too, but had a shower cap.

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