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Top of my list of “things people never told me about motherhood:” right after shaky nervous behavior, greater annoyance with spouse, and excitement when “The View” comes on is the nipple pads. I invariably forget them at some point. and poof there is the wet spot on another ruined blouse. Oh, that’s why new moms look a mess. You don’t want to wear nice clothes at this juncture.

And the pads are not well engineered. The always bunch up under my now 38 D’s! (Was a 34 B). And my big beef with the two different brands is WHY, OH WHY, ARE THEY INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED? It’s right to keep you virtual spoon-clean for baby, but at 2 in the morning when I’m out-of-my-head tired, and my nightgown is drenched with mother’s milk, I just want to shove the pads in and go back to bed. What is it? Children’s Tylenol? Tamper-proof titty pads are a big problem.
Oh, I need more sleep

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  1. Daphne,
    Have you checked out As a mom of four I would recommend these to every nursing woman! I got more than one pair so I could have a clean pair all the time. I loved them because they not only stayed in place but I never leaked with them and no individual wraps to deal with!

    Good luck!


  2. As a breastfeeding mom, I totally don’t get the individually wrapped pads either. Couldn’t they just put them in a sterilized bag like the breast milk bags come in? And as for Lilypadz? My let down was insane, so the milk would just collect in the lilypadz and then pour out all at once. Nice. Although, I think the idea is awesome and so much greener – I just wish I could use them! And dude what is it about “The View”? I used to hate that show!

  3. At night, I resorted to putting folded washcloths under a bra. The pads weren’t cutting it. Also, I learned a nifty trick where you press firmly against your breast to get the milk to stop flowing. In public when milk is trying to let down, an arm across the chest can put a stop to that.

    I agree with you on the protein stains though. Pisses me off.

  4. I used sweatsocks at night! And in the early days too, when the milk supply was still sorting itself out. They’re quite absorbent.

    Another beef with the indivdual wraps – those little plastic bits end up all over the house! Choking hazards galore.

  5. Oi. These are ALL over my house & the dog likes to steal them out of the garbage to eat them — gross.
    However, I do love the Lansinoh brand breast pads — SO freakin’ absorbant!

  6. Actually, there are a few brands that are not individually wrapped, you just reach in the box and grab what you need. I believe I used Lansinoh (?) and they were like that, MUCH easier. And I know its “greener” but the reusable ones just totally gross me out…!

  7. Having nursed 3 babies I managed to try them all. My favorites were the flannel washables, I found them much more comfortable and they seemed to do the job. For overnight, I would fold a cloth diaper, (I know those are not that easy to find, so a small flannel recieving blanket would probably do), stuff it across both boobs and kind of push down on the side in use. I hope this makes sense, lol.
    I totally don’t get the “hermetically sealed pads”, that kind of goes along with what the young “nurselet” at the hospital told me w/ my first. She was obviously fresh out of school, never had a baby, anyway as part of the pat spiel she gave I was told to wash my nipples w/ a sterile cotton ball before each session…are you kidding me?!

  8. i used the same pads with my first born, now she’s two. i never really looked for a better solution with her. everything was new to me, and i just went with them. then i started using them again with my second, and after a few weeks i remembered how grody they are. plus, sometimes i would feel like sand was in my nursing bra, only to realize that those things will leak the absorbant material. just like a diaper will… ugh!! can you imagine baby ingesting that stuff!?? anyway, i digress. i found a great substitute… washable breast pads, super soft and never wrapped in that annoying plastic. ( check ’em out. i LOVE them and i just toss them in the wash. i got the 10-pak of the 5-layer neutral pads, and then the 6-pak of the 4-layer black ones. minimizes laundry!! they don’t show under your clothes and keep you dry. i’m not a massive, “can feed the neighborhood”, kinda gal, but i do leak each time i nurse my 4 month old. man, that let-down feeling is funky, ey? hope this helps!! eileen.

  9. Washable breast pads are the answer. The best ones have a very slight conical shape, and I do mean slight. Just enough so they don’t crinkle around the outer edges when pressed into your bra.

    I had about a dozen or so and would just wash a few with all the rest of the laundry that was done every day. If I could remember the brand, I would mention it. They were great. The disposables could always be seen under clothing and they shifted a lot.

    I guess my kids are too old for me to be familiar with any pads that had absorbent gel or individual wrappers. What a pain.

    Seriously, find some good cotton washable ones. It’ll make all the difference.

  10. Beth!
    I used folded up socks at night, too!!

    I never admitted that to anyone until just now, but it did the trick. I used the long tube socks and I used them when i was just around the house during the day too. 🙂

  11. I used Johnson and Johnson pads.. I found them to be the most comfortable. There’s even a little indent for your nipple. They weren’t itchy or uncomfortable at all. At night I would double up though because I would always leak too much. Oh, and they were not individually wrapped… just in a box stacked on eachother

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