Momversation: Responses to Circumcision

Well by talking about it more, we might all go blind, but what the heck. Maybe we should put a snappy title on it, like “Moms talk foreskin!” This Momversation revisits our discussion of circumcision and some of the feedback we got. Now, don’t let the disagreement fool you. Alice and I had different viewpoints, but I think she is a real wit and love following her tweets and her blog. And she sent me a supportive message the day I had my son. So, we are all fine in the end.

4 thoughts on “Momversation: Responses to Circumcision

  1. I stated this months ago and will state this again. I so agree with you and am so happy you have put this put there.
    I will not say mothers who have their sons are dumb, I will say I believe with my whole heart they are grossly uninformed on this.


    That is my strongest belief. It IS mutilation. It DOES affect future sexual sensation even if many do not believe that. It IS unnecessary. As biological beings we are made, for the most part, completely intact and whole and perfect, we do not require the removal of parts, the enhancement of parts to better function. If as adults we want to alter our bodies, by our own choices, they so be it but taking the right of decision away from an infant is wrong.

  2. I always appreciate it when people have strong opinions, so I am very glad you put it out there. This is a really hard issue. I’m glad fewer people are circumcising; maybe we’ll get to a point where it’s not done any more. But I do think that to be able to discuss the issue, people should avoid being judgmental so they don’t alienate the people they might be trying to convince.

  3. I’m another male waiting for the day in our country when All parents of newborn boys will respect his right to keeping HIS normal, whole, intact penis, just like parents respect their daughters rights to keep their normal, intact genitalia. More and more little boys with scarred, denuded penises are growing up and speaking out as men about the anger and betrayal they feel about having been circumcised as infants and young children, something they never would have chose for themselves. The medical establishment’s justifications for minimal “potential” benefits and parents’ numerous social / cultural reasons will never satisfy the increasing number of men who wish that their parents and doctor just left their penis alone, and not cut off the sensitive, nerve enriched prepuce (foreskin). I am optimistic that in my lifetime the 1996 Federal Female Genital Mutilation Act will be modified to include the protection of little boys’ prepuces too. It sickens me that in 2009 about half of all newborn boys in our country are subjected to an elective surgery that amputates a normal, healthy part of their penis that if left intact, would provide protective, sensual, and sexual functions.

    I am grateful to all the child rights advocates who speak out and criticize those parents and doctors who continue to justify the circumcision of boys mostly for cultural and social reasons. Foreskins (I prefer the term “prepuce” since a foreskin is made up of much more than just “skin”) do feel REALLY good. HIS body, HIS Choice. It really is that simple folks! – For all those who want to learn more about the Male Prepuce go to this website. There’s an excellent 19 minute free educational video that you can view or download. It’s located under medical school curriculum, and the clip is entitled “The Prepuce.” It discusses and demonstrates the anatomy and physiology of the male prepuce and unequivocally supports evidence regarding the contraindications of circumcision.

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