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It’s been many weeks since Vivien and I got to jam around in the Traverse with the DVD player, but we are still trying to convince dad to go for the minivan.  Or rather I am, and I say, “Vivien really liked it.” Mark says “Oliver doesn’t want me to get a minivan.”  My reply: in less than a year he will have his license so he can pick his own car to drive.  Mark said recently, “What about a Scion?” Oh, that’s LESS geeky?

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  1. I thoroughly love the DVD in our vehicle (which is not a minivan). We do have a deal though that they only get to watch it on road trips (rides longer than 1.5 hours).

  2. Hi Daphne,
    Well, in the big picture,I’m kinda undecided about the dvd in the vehicle concept. Lord knows I’m ALL for ‘give Mama a break’ activities – I’ve used a few of ’em to survive over the years, but I was always afraid that if we got one our kids would never want to read (or look at books when they were really little) while we were on long trips.

    I’m glad I followed my hunch – now teens, our 3 all like to read. But they also l.o.v.e. technology (as do I) and even now the pc/cell phone/ipod/gamecube etcetc win out over reading more often than I’d like to see…

    Anyway,some kids may not be able to read in a moving vehicle anyway because of nausea,etc. And there IS a ton of wonderful programming out there that you could select – educational stuff like National Geo Kids, Kratt’s Creatures, the Magic School Bus, just to name a few (and these may be good but old now!)

    I wonder how your Mom would weigh in on techno in the van with her long career in academics,Daphne?

    All the best in deciding what fits for your family 🙂

  3. I used to be VERY anti-DVD (and anti-TV in general) but the van I wanted didn’t come with the other features I wanted without the DVD player… so I got one.

    We didn’t use it for the first year we had the van.

    But this one time we went on a road trip, and everyone was fussy, and we used it, and it was SO peaceful! HOORAY!! I was converted. There’s nothing to look at out the windows on I-65 in Indiana, anyway.

    And the best part is that they leave me alone to listen to what I want to listen to on one earbud of my iPod.

    A couple of times I’ve used it in town, but only when we were running like 1000 errands and I didn’t want to listen to them scream all the time. I see it as a tool that allows me to get to my mom’s house, or get 1000 necessary tasks accomplished in the car, without screamy kids. I don’t use it every day, or even every week, but I’m glad we have it when I do use it.

    Incidentally, I have a Honda Odyssey, and the features I wanted that didn’t come without a DVD player were seat warmers and leather upholstry.

  4. I am all for it!!! I still cram my daughter in the back of my VW Golf (she isn’t yet 2, but already has no leg room) and we use a portable DVD player on longer trips! If we get pg, we will have to up to a bigger car, I am eyeing a VW Wagon instead of mini-van, but totally want the DVD player… why NOT! You aren’t going to have quality face-to-face time with the kiddos while you are driving?!?

    I hope Rex likes the car… that makes all the difference!!

  5. I LOVE the DVD player b/c we use it for National Geographic kids videos, or Planet Earth specials, or all the other really cook dvd’s we get from museums, and The Museum Store, and things like that. We all listen, then we have something to talk about after the DVD is over. It’s great…everyone’s quiet on the superlong trips, and it’s a treat. It puts us all in a good mood. Your little one will love Baby Einstein DVDs, Viv still might, too.

  6. we did not get the dvd for our car which a Ford Flex. The Flex is way cooler than the traditional mini van and you should check it out but that is not the reason I am writing this post. We chose to go with the fisher price kid tough DVD players instead. Both children are free to watch a different dvd and the players are completely portable. There is a car adapter kit so they can be plugged into the power port in the back seat if the battery should run out. I just felt the portability of these players was more important than the purchasing one you could only use in the car. Now we can take them on the airplane, in hotel rooms, etc.

  7. We have a portable one which means it is never in the car unless Mom puts it there. And, only for trips 2 hours or longer. And, like Becky said, it’s portability has been a Godsend when you need it in another location while travelling.

    (I have not had to make this call as we are tooling around in a 6 year old car and will be for years if I have anything to say about it.)

    I also recommend books on tape/CD for long car trips. If you pick the right book, its entertaining even for Mom and Dad.

  8. I am nay for the most part, be we will give my daughter an iPod to watch if we are going to be driving anywhere over an hour away.
    I have friends that have DVD players installed in their cars and their kids literally can’t sit in the car for a second without screaming “I want a movie!!”. I can’t deal with that. When we are driving is when we have some of our best conversations! We are alone, we have no distractions. I am not going to give that up.

  9. Okay – I love the DVD in the car and I don’t have any rules on it. If we are in the car and they would like to use it, they can. Call me crazy but this works very well for us. They really don’t ask for it often (they are 6 and 3) because I do have a variety of other things for them to do in the car. Read books, play games, talk to eachother, etc…We went on a trip from Oklahoma City to Orlando -hello 25 hours in the car – and they didn’t ask to watch a movie until day two! It was roughly 12 awake hours in the car before we needed it. On a side note – I have a Honda Odyssey and I love it! Your opinion trumps the 15 yr old.

  10. I was pretty much against that kind of thing for a long time, even now that I have a son of my own. But, recently I went on a trip with my father, step mother and two young stepsisters, ages 5 and 7. And my god, was it nice to have a peaceful ride while the girls watched a movie! I still think it’s odd and probably dangerously distracting to the driver at times, but this kind of modern convenience definitely has its place.

  11. I’m saying “no” to the built-in DVD player (maybe for special trips), and “yes” to the Scion XB! I love mine – go check one out, even though it’s weird looking.

  12. My opinions on this are about as strong as yours are about circumcision…..most parents that I see use this routinely not only dont communicate with their kids, but these are also the kids most likely diagnosed with ADD. They cant function without something in front of them to function for them. Working in a kindergarden, I can always tell the difference between the kids that are engaged and ready for a two way conversation, and the other kids that are shoved in front of something. Its anecdotal and I dont have the numbers for it, but honestly I think its just another way to ignore children, and we have too much of that already.

  13. As a Mother of 3 girls,let me say that again 3 GIRLS. Get the DVD player you will save on alot of hair pulling (yourself). What I like to do is make rules. one rule is if we are running errands close to home than no DVD,but if I know we are heading out for a long day that it’s ok.

    We all have to agree on the movies and everyone gets a turn picking theirs out. If a fight breaks out over a movie than they have lost their right to watch in the car.

    Dont over think it..it’s not a bad thing to want a little quit in the car.

  14. I wish I had a DVD player in my car (and I didn’t get the mini-van because – you know – but wish I did) I have two girls 1 & 2. You give them a bag of toys to play with while you are driving but either they drop a toy and scream loudy (which almost causes me to crash every time I hear it) because they want you to pick it up, or they fight over a certain toy they both want (yeah, the 1 year old fights already) so at least if I had a DVD player in my car it would be something that they could both enjoy and it wouldn’t fall on the floor.

  15. You know, I would definetly go w/ a dvd player in the minivan. Only, I would NOT get one that comes pre-installed, b/c i’m paying out the butt for a dvd player when I could just go elsewhere and find one of those ones that straps to the back. Heck, i could get 2 for the price I’d end up paying for the one the dealership puts in. Believe me they will suck every penny outta ya!

    Nothing wrong w/ dvd’s in the car. If you’re really worried about it. Use the dvds to play the “my baby can read” thing or on-screen flash cards, or home videos of themselves. You can even try to find ones that read books to your children…it’s not really a big deal. To be honest, my children have learned a whole lot from blues clues…what’s the big deal? It’s not like i have them watching Alien vs Predator or anything…

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