Blogging and Motherhood

Been on a blog semi-holiday since I’m still trying to get the hang of a newborn and having two children. Just when it seemed like I could handle it, the kids and I caught colds. Felt so bad that little Rex got sick. Vivien was nearly a year before she got sick. My body was impervious to all ills while pregnant, but now that nature took its protective coating off, I feel every ding and zing.

Here’s a photo of me trying to blog while Rex seemed like he was going to sleep and Viv was the park with a neighbor friend. A pacifier can be so helpful or such a pain. Here he wanted it, but every time it fell out he was crying. And it fell out every 10 seconds. Thus I was getting stuff done at 10-second increments. Hard to know when to binky and when not too. Maybe the present will help?

I am doing much better though then after Vivien. There is nothing like new motherhood when you are really in the “what the f%^&!!!” mode. The first two weeks with Rex waking up at 1 and 4 a.m. for feedings was no biggie. And I was so excited by him. But now, I’m nearly in a coma when I do. Mark is good about helping. I nurse, nudge him, and he takes Rex for burping and trying to get him back down. Rex is big enough that the doc says he doesn’t need to be woken up for feedings yet. Rex has not gotten this memo.

By the way, if I post blogs where I say the same thing multiple times, forgive me… I can’t remember what I have said or done…

4 thoughts on “Blogging and Motherhood

  1. Everything’s alright, Daphne, we’ll take you anyway we can get you. Your fans will be faithful and true, b/c, at the 3 month mark, you’ll be up and running full steam. Enjoy this time, b/c, sadly, it’ll be harder and harder to remember what they even looked like as babies…I know, mine are teens. Take your time, there is a season to everything, and you won’t lose us out here.

  2. Aw Daph, he’s so handsome (although not looking REMOTELY tired in that shot)!

    I’m heading into that dark zone of sleep deprivation new mommy zombiehood myself, and dreading it. From my recollections with the first, humor is the ticket to survival without committing homicide, and you are therefore well equipped!!

    On the “getting things done” front, I remember actually making up a list of all the things I wanted to get done during my first maternity leave, thinking it was some kind of 4-5 mos off work vacation or something. Ha!! I was so bleeping tired that managing one outing a day was a herculian feat – i’d be like “whew! i took that baby monitor back to Babies R us …what a day!!”

    Be good to yourself.


  3. I have two small children 3 1/2 and 1 year and I am debating on a third in few years. But having 3 kids scares the hell out of me sometimes. Anyone out there have 3? What is it like? Someone once told me the thrid one just sort of falls in line and by the time you have the third you aren’t as queer as you were when you had the first so it’s not as stressful. True? Wanting mommy thoughts.


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