And You Thought Your Divorce Was Bad?

Nothing like having a newborn to remind me of how freaking hard it would be to be a single mom. Even when my husband bugs, I would be hard-pressed to cut him loose just so I can say, “Can you get me a glass of water?” while I am nursing. Seriously, he’d probably have hit me across the mouth before I’d want to go it alone. I don’t have that much energy. ¬†Unless I had gobs of money for the round the clock help… then unmarried woman here I come!

Here’s a wacky tale of an obnoxious divorce.

3 thoughts on “And You Thought Your Divorce Was Bad?

  1. My sister is going through a very messy divorce and I just want to say, “You people shared a bed! You shared your lives! And now one of you wants the other to have a psych evaluation and routine drug testing?”

    It just doesn’t make sense. I get anger over adultery and what-not, but I just can’t imagine my husband and I going at it like this. Maybe I’m just naive…

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