4 thoughts on “Momversation: Are You a Paranoid Parent?

  1. Worry..worry…that’s what moms do best. I erred in being overprotective with my first, and now I hear him echo all my concerns and “what ifs”..meantime, the youngest and third one is all action and no fear. He wants to try everything and lives life fully. I can see how I have filled my oldest son’s heads with so many concerns that he shouldn’t have. My mistake, and I see the clear difference between the first born and the third born. Live and learn, and can’t be done over…Learn from my mistake, ladies! As you can tell, not feeling too proud of my lack of parenting skills this morning.

  2. My mother was a big-time worrier, and I admit that I’m a bit neurotic as a result. However, I’m also careful and meticulous and I rarely jump in head-first without planning.

    This might explain the pathology behind the first born child. My sister is far more lacking in impulse control. 🙂

    Great topic, Daphne!

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