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I’ve got to write quick. Rex just entered “quiet alert” after lots of nursing and copious amounts of Pooh. While Viv pretends she is in school, I stick Rex in his swing. Thank goodness he likes it more than Viv did at this age. She would last about 2 minutes.

But if my comments or postings seem short these days, it’s because I am often in the above pictured mode and blogging with one available hand. It’s even harder if Rex is nursing on my right side. The nursing is going well. The baby nurse who comes once a week so I can get one good night of sleep says I’m “pumping half and half”. He’s getting big so maybe she is right. Β Side bar, hard to write the check for such aid, but boy, oh, boy is it worth to have that night of sleep. I just wake up twice to pump and go back to bed immediately.

I’m also counting on this one-handed life to help me to lose weight. Since often I can only eat with one hand. And it’s a great excuse not to clean.

11 thoughts on “One-Handed Blogging

  1. I’ll tell you, you look wonderful. Not like me, I looked psychotic without the sleep. And I stayed far away from the red lipstick…the combination of no sleep and myusual red lipstick made me into quite a fright, indeed. You look wonderful, the pounds will melt off with thenursing, Rex will sleep longer by 10 wks old, and he’ll be so big and yummy from all your half and half. Awesome job juggling it all. You are doing it!!! Every day you do it for him, so much better for the both of you. Not so much else matters right now…just the basics. I aLways think of the adage, “To everything there is a season…” You are in such a season. Sometimes, in the thick of it, we forget just how temporary it is.

  2. Rex looks as gorgeous as his Mommy. GREAT name, by the way! I’m so happy for you! I’m typing w/ 1 hand, too, as I nurse my little 5 month old boy. Some how, the 2nd baby seems to grow SO MUCH faster than the 1st. How’s Viv doing w/ being a big sister? Enjoy!
    MomE / EileenJay on twitter

  3. Jennifer, a hired person cleans my house. When I was single and had a studio apartment I still had a weekly cleaning person ( a small, Chinese man then). I like clean, but not so good at it. And with small kids forget it. better than spending money on meds or therapy.

  4. Thanks Daphne!
    My son’s name is Dhruv. I can’t believe he’s already 5 months (23 months, to be exact. I can’t quite lean towards the 6 month mark yet.). I’m STILL having vivid dreams about labor… waking up confused, thinking i’m in the home stretch, or my water just broke. It’s SO bizarre. 5 months ago is a flash in the pan, for me, anyway. For him, it’s going from a wide-eyed bean, learning to latch-on… to a gurgling, giggling, rolling, drooling baby. It’s a trip!

    I love having a girl and a boy. You really should blog about it. My two are crazy about each other. Elyse whispers in Dhruv’s ear and they giggle. She takes care of him, it’s sooo sweet. The heart warming moments are endless πŸ™‚

    I missed you on Oprah and I’m KICKING MYSELF ABOUT IT!!! I need to find the episode somewhere… any tips?

    And on a more serious note, I really hope Rex is feeling better. Your post about his/yours/Mark’s hospital stay worried me about you guys.

    Hang in there, lady πŸ™‚

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