Mommy’s on the Phone!

So this video was about how kids talk to you when you are on the phone, but what’s the deal with husbands? I was talking to a girlfriend recently, and we both found our husbands started chatting with us when we were on the phone. Not a quick, “Is the rice done?” but long statements, and then they get a little bent when we look at them like, “Dude, shut up. I’m on the phone.” She said, “My husband can go hours without speaking to me, but as soon as a friend calls I’m his new best friend.” Are they insecure that we are yucking it up more with our friends than with them?

Sometimes my husband wants in on the phone conversation. After one of my “No ways!!” to a friend, he’ll say, “What?  What?!” I can’t recount this story when I’m on the phone. If it’s good I’ll tell him later, or it’s nothing that he would care about anyway.

7 thoughts on “Mommy’s on the Phone!

  1. oh yes. the best is when i try to make a phone call to some sort of customer service, like the bank or a doc’s office or aetna – that is my favorite b/c my kids at like maniacs and i am supposed to first press #1 to get somewhere, #2 to shoot myself, #3 to get in escort….etc. and i can’t hear what number i was supposed to press so i just scream in the phone OPERATOR. then the op gets on the phone and asks for eveyr account number i don’t have … is a nightmare.

  2. Oh, yes…and let’s talk about how SERIOUSLY people take your phone call when there’s kids screaming in the background. Right. Try getting anything done that’s important with that going on.

  3. i love this daph. it is so true, there is something about the phone to your ear that makes you the most desirable person on earth to talk to.

    funny, now that my kids are grown up the damn dog barks when i am on.

    no win situation!

  4. My wife does the same thing to me and it drives me nuts. Maybe men do it more often to women. I don’t know. I do know that women do something at least as annoying to men on a regular basis.

    They talk during TV shows and movies.

    Is it so hard to wait for a commercial to ask a talk or to wait until the plot develops a little further before asking stupid questions we don’t know the answers to?

  5. I can not believe how true this is! I thought that this was something that only my special husband did. When he does it, it makes me just want to stop and stare at him and say, “excuse me, but I was not talking to you” or “do you see this phone on my ear?”. They’re amazing!

  6. God forbide YOU talk to HIM on the phone!! He gives me the evil eye if he even ackowledges me. Usually he will totally ignore me till the phone conversation is over and then he is all like, “did you need something”? ARGG!!!!

  7. I know. Okay, no one likes it when someone talks to them while they are on the phone. Maybe a “remind them they left their sweater.” but that’s it. And I too hate the 20 questions while watching a show. My poor stepson is trying to watch “heroes” and my husband comes in, “whose that? what does she mean?, wait back it up”

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