Thanks to everyone for dear comments and prayers. So far, tests coming back negative. Last night was tough. He woke up a lot, and since it was night two of little sleep for me, the nurses tried to soothe him and take him out of the room a couple of times. He is much more tender. No wonder. In the early morning he wouldn’t nurse, which I really don’t like. After I walked with him a while (as in in a circle in the room), he started to calm.  He really liked the over-the-shoulder in the rocking chair. I know he will like it when dad comes back, as that is what Mark does a lot of with him.

When they inject the antibiotics through the IV, he cries. I know that it feels weird. I can’t believe he goes through this when he can’t raise his own head yet. Some of the nurses are great. I rarely see a doctor. He’s supposed to get out of the hospital on Wednesday. His fever his down a bit, but I push for regular Tylenol as it helps him be more comfortable.  Ready to do a Shirley MacLaine a la Terms of Endearment if needed.  “Give my kid his medicine!”

Came home for a nap when Mark spelled me. Going back now.

6 thoughts on “Rex

  1. Poor little guy and poor you- it’s so stressful when babies are sick, you feel so helpless. I hope both of you are feeling better soon!

  2. Daphne,
    Hang in there. My heart absolutely broke when I saw this picture. He is so sweet. I hope he is doing better!! All my thoughts are going out to you guys!!!

  3. Thank you for posting!!! Have been sending good thoughts for Rex your way, he is such a little guy. Just hang in there, you’ll be home within the week, and this’ll be just a chapter in Rex/s life. So glad the tests are negative. Just a few more days, and you’ll all be home, and home will feel that much sweeter. Funny how it takes just such an unexpected circumstance for a person to truly feel their blessings. Can’t wait till you’re all home, snuggling together. How’s Vivien doing with all this? How much did you tell her, if anything?

  4. Rex is beautiful,Daphne! I’m glad he’s feeling better.Watching a baby (especially a brand new one) who is sick is hard. Our third child developed a fever soon after she was born -she had to be readmitted for a full febrile workup (huh?) -including a spinal tap at 2 days old! the peds resident looked at me with daggers after learning I wouldn’t let her do the lumbar puncture)….I was already completely around the bend nuts by that time…

    Anyway,I hope you’re getting a bit more rest (and good eating) these days, and that little Mr Rex feels much better 🙂

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