8 thoughts on “Why Are There No Coffee Carts in the Park?

  1. love it. not just a MOM problem, hubby has requested this on the weekend days when he takes them to a park. he is a coffee addict and would drop a 50 for a cup of joe…if he had to.

  2. Coffee carts. COFFEE CARTS?!! And here I thought you had a penchant for tea. Thank goodness for the lighthearted moments post-childbirth. I knew it would finally set you free.


  3. In Belgium, some parks had small restaurant/cafes that served food, beer and coffee. A lot of parks had small vans that would pull up and sell ice cream or waffles or coffee, etc. Our nicest park in Seattle is a 3 mile loop, which halfway through gives you a stellar view of Puget Sound. Since it is a park – there is no Starbucks or indy coffee shop at this perfect spot. Sad. Great idea and – agreed!

  4. This is a fanTAStic idea, Daphne!…these people would make a killing -it seems such an obvious, smart business move.

    I’m always grousing to my husband that there isn’t coffee sold at the movie theatres we go to…and a nice cheese cake (kind of kidding on that one….sorta) 😉

    It WOULD ramp up the experience for us tired parents,though…

  5. it seems a no brainer to woo the parents. IN LA there are two places that have food and play spaces. Not chuck e cheese. not award winning, but okay. most don’t have bupkis

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